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Information on schedules, conflicts and missed exams

Final examinations are held at the end of each term for one-term courses and in April for multi-term courses (see Significant Dates). Find exam schedules about one month before the examination period on the Office of the Registrar website.

Check your examination schedule regularly for any changes. Also, familiarize yourself with  (PDF file) Policy 135: Examination Policy.

We make best efforts to ensure your final exam schedule does not have conflicts or overloads, but sometimes there may be a scheduling conflict (two final exams at the same time) or overload situation (three final exams on the same day, or three consecutive exam sessions e.g. afternoon, evening, and next morning).

Check your examination schedule to make sure you do not have a conflict or overload. If you do, notify your program department or school by email within two weeks of the exam schedule being released. Check the examination website for specific deadlines.

See the Procedures, Scheduling and Conflicts, section 4 of the  (PDF file) exam policy for more details.

Students registered at Academic Accommodation Support must submit final examination accommodation requests before the start of the final examination period. See the section on how to book an accommodated quiz, test or exam.

Students who are registered with Academic Accommodation Support may sometimes have extenuating circumstances, unrelated to their accommodations. See the Academic Considerations below.

Academic Consideration Requests (ACR) for extenuating circumstances must be submitted through the ACR online portal and you must contact the relevant course instructor(s). Normally you must submit a Request for Academic Consideration before the exam, or within three business days after if not possible.
See  (PDF file) Policy 167 Academic Consideration for details about timelines and documentation required.

An Academic Consideration request for a missed exam or final assessment may, at the instructor's discretion, result in a make-up assessment. You must consult with your instructor for details on arranging for make-up assessments.  (PDF file) Policy 166 Course Management has details.

You may be asked to write your make-up exam at the Make-Up Test Centre.

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