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An aerial view of the SLC entrance on the TMU campus.

As a graduate student at Toronto Metropolitan University, you have automatically been granted access to GRADCentral in D2L (org_ysgs_gradstudentsupp), a comprehensive online hub of professional, teaching and career development resources to complement your graduate academic training and assist with your transition to academic and/or industry career pathways.

GRADCentral is designed specifically for graduate students:

  • To connect and consolidate graduate resources available across the university in one location.
  • To bring focus and clarity to graduate-level career planning. 
  • To present a clear visual of career pathways that align with academic and professional strengths, interests and goals.
  • To pay particular attention to achieving the right professional, teaching and career development required for transition into the workforce.

Check out resources offered by the Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (YSGPS), the TMU Career & Co-op Centre (RCCC) and Teaching Development, including:

  • Skill building events and competitions
  • 1:1 career advising
  • Career-planning resources
  • Professional development in teaching
  • Industry job shadowing 
  • and much more!

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