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A student in a gray sweater writes on a whiteboard.

You’ve made it to grad school! Now what? Grad school can be a stressful and demanding experience as you balance academic progress and build professional relationships to serve you in your future career.

GRADSkills is a workshop series to help build your toolbox as a graduate student in competencies such as academic and career planning, academic integrity, effective communication, conflict resolution, solution-focused dialogue, and navigating sensitive conversations.

Register once and attend any or all workshops. Workshops are eligible for Future Smart credit.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in the GRADSkills interactive workshop series, graduate students will:

  • Attend updated and revised sessions on conflict management and solution-focused dialogue. 
  • Discover new skills in working through conflicts, difficult moments and challenging conversations. 
  • Learn about academic integrity 
  • Learn how to take charge of your own academic and career plans

Upcoming workshops

This year our GRADSkills series of interactive workshops will delve into some of the most important and pressing topics on navigating academic life as a grad student.