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Toronto Met Graduate Student Travel Fund


The Toronto Met Graduate Student Travel Fund is intended to encourage graduate students to present their research at a regional, national or international conference or equivalent academic event. The President’s Office, The Office of Vice President Research and Innovation and the Yeates School of Graduate Studies fund this initiative.


Up to $500 (a maximum of one award per academic year)


There is no deadline to apply for this funding. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Complete applications, requested documentation and original receipts can be submitted and approved before or after the conference.


  • Registered full-time at the time of application and conference attendance
  • Have good academic standing, and
  • Be an active participant (e.g. speaker, poster presenter, member of a panel or round table) in a conference (or other academic meeting) relevant to their academic program.
  •  If your conference proceedings are related to a field that NSERC supports, you may be considered to receive your travel funding from the NSERC General Graduate Studies Fund.

Application process and adjudication

Please email your complete PDF fileGraduate Student Travel Funding Application (fillable PDF), including:
(i) Proof of presentation (e.g. copy of acceptance letter from conference organizers). 
(ii) A copy of your submitted abstract.
(iii) Proof of payment of registration fee.

Disclosure required

Full disclosure of expenses and funding support, both received and pending from other sources, as applicable. Please see application and expense forms for details.


Note: Paper submissions will not be accepted. Electronic submission only, please.

Advance processing and payment

Pending application approval, all efforts will be made to provide payment in advance of travel. To be eligible for this, you must provide final paid receipts for registration, travel and accommodations1 along with your complete application, requested supporting documentation and the expense form in advance.

1 Accommodations reservation with estimated cost is also acceptable.

Post-conference processing and payment

If you cannot provide the information requested above in advance of your conference, then upon your return, you must provide final paid receipts for registration, travel, accommodations and other expenses2 along with your complete application, requested supporting documentation and the expense form.

2Receipts not required for other expenses however, they must be made available upon request for verification and audit purposes. See the expense form for details.

Please email your PDF fileGraduate Student Travel Expense form (fillable PDF) along with digital/scanned copies of your original, final paid receipts to:

Payment for the Travel Fund will be processed through your student account and refunded by cheque, which is mailed automatically. Please ensure that your mailing address is up to date in MyServiceHub.


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