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Multi-Device Syncing

With your help, TMU can minimize online threats.

Multi-device syncing is a method of sharing and syncing files or data across multiple devices like computers and mobile devices. Devices can be synced via:

Cloud based storage services

The use of software that supports multi sync

Physical portable hardware

Multi-device syncing can be useful for storing files in one spot, while allowing users to access and make edits to these files from different devices and locations. 

Although convenient, multi-device syncing increases your vulnerability to cybersecurity risks. Read on to learn more about these risks.

Multiple accounts with multi-syncing on a single device

With multi-device syncing, it's possible to connect multiple user accounts to one device for use on different applications. For example, a business email account, a personal email account and a family shared email account can all be synced to the same device.

With this in mind, you should always monitor which devices are synced to your accounts, as logging in once on a new device can sometimes automatically sync your account to a device. For instance, you may have once used a personal device to access your work files out of necessity. Because of multi-device syncing, your personal device could continue to retain access to the updated copies of your work documents until you explicitly unsync the account.

When multiple accounts are synced to the same device, it's important that users are aware of which account they’re signed into when accessing files or performing actions. To avoid issues with accidentally using the wrong account to access files, data or software, it's recommended that you limit the number of accounts synced to a single device or application. We recommend that you unsync or disable syncing on devices that you do not usually use for certain accounts. 

Multiple devices means multiple avenues for your files to be compromised

When a file is stored on multiple devices, there is an increased likelihood that if a file is accessed from an unsecure device it could be compromised. When synced, each device could maintain different versions of the same file, resulting in version control and collaboration issues when files have been downloaded onto individual devices.

If confidential documents or files are downloaded to multiple devices, this increases the risk of these files being susceptible to theft should a device be lost or stolen.

We recommend that users unsync devices they’re no longer using and monitoring which devices are synced to your account.

Remember: TMU work accounts should never be synced with personal or shared family accounts in any circumstances.