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Email and Learning Systems

CCS offers a variety of tools to facilitate communication for the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) community. From accessing your emails via TMU Gmail, to using the my.torontomu portal, there are many productive tools available.  

Accounts over their 30 GB Google Workspace storage quota are unable to renew their Gmail account until action is taken to reduce their storage usage. Access strategies for reducing your storage usage and learn what counts towards your quota.

Email Access After Graduation

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) alumni can retain their Gmail account by renewing it yearly. To renew at any time follow the steps below:

  1. Log into
  2. Under the "Self Service" section, select Personal Account. Find the "Preferences" section and select Renew Mail Access.

If you have never logged into the portal or cannot remember your login credentials, please see TMU Alumni section of the Login Help page.

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) part-time, full-time and Continuing and Distance Education students will have an active TMU email account and on-campus wifi access for one year after their last registration date.

Email Access After Retiring

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) retirees can retain their Gmail and Google Drive account by renewing it yearly. After the last day of employment, your TMU Google account will be active for 3 years. After the 3 year period, you will receive a reminder email to renew your account for another year. If the reminder emails have expired, please request through ITHelp to re-send the renewal email again.