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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To connect your wireless-enabled device:

    1. Open your wireless settings and select the “RU secure” network.
    2. Enter your my.torontomu username and password.

    Find more on how to connect to the TMU wireless network.

    Option 1: Change your Current Password

    1. Log in to the my.torontomu portal with your my.torontomu user name and password.
    2. Under the 'Self Service' module, select on Personal Account.
    3. Under 'Security' section, select on Change Password.

    Option 2: Forgot Your Password

    1. If you have previously selected your account recovery option in the Self Service Module within the my.torontomu portal, do the following:
      1. Go to the my.torontomu portal 
      2. Select Can't login?
      3. Choose Forget your password? then select Change your password using the Account Recovery.
    2. If you have never setup your account recovery, follow the information below for Students  and Faculty/Staff.

    To discover alternative methods to reset your password, visit our Password Changes section.

    Reporting a phish to TMU is quick and easy:

    • Forward the email to
    • Then, delete the email from your mailbox without clicking on any links or attachments.

    If you’re on TMU Gmail, avoid using the “Report phishing” option that’s built into the Gmail platform. Forwarding the phish to ensures you’re reporting it directly to us so we can stop it from reaching others at the university.

    To learn more please visit our IT Security page on Phishing.

    Faculty, staff and current students have access to a number of software products.  You can download widely-used software applications including Microsoft and Adobe products, Anti-Virus software, and productivity tools. Read more about software TMU provides.

    Brightspace by D2L is the current learning management system implemented for TMU.  It offers various features to enhance classroom learning experiences or to deliver courses online.  

    TMU's Brightspace by D2L learning system can be accessed by logging in to the portal.  Please see my.torontomu portal help page for more details.

    The Brightspace by D2L features include:

    • Course content space where instructors can upload different types of course materials for students to access at any time
    • Communication and collaboration tools, such as student emails, announcements, discussion forums and chats
    • Assignment management; including assignment upload, tests, and grade centre
    • e-reserve; integration with the Library's electronic reserve system ARES

    Getting Help

    If you are a student looking for help in using Brightspace by D2L or a faculty member/staff looking for getting a Brightspace by D2L course or need specific help with Brightspace by D2L, please visit the Brightspace by D2L support website.

    To learn more about TMU Google Workspace: your school Gmail account, all applications with their how-to guides, and teaching options with Google Workspace, please visit CCS website:

    Google Workspace at Toronto Metropolitan University