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Web and Content Management

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) offers a variety of web and content management software to enhance, promote and develop your academic needs. Please choose from the collection of services that fits your requirements.

TMU manages and supports a fully-featured commercial digital signage solution running content to over 80 screens around the campus. Content ranges from general campus events, workshops, key dates, and services, to localized custom needs.

For more information, visit our TMU digital signage website.

Blogs at TMU are offered by Digital Media Projects group of CCS. Please visit:

TMU Media Platform Services include Content Hosting.

There are several ways to host a website at TMU. Students may activate an account on the student web server. Faculty and staff may activate a web account on a separate server. For more information please visit Hosting a Website at TMU CCS page.

A domain name is a unique name that identifies an Internet resource such as a website. Domain names are defined through the Internet Domain Name System (DNS), the international system for naming network resources, and are registered in DNS. A domain name consists of a series of alphanumeric words separated by periods; for example, is a domain name.

For more information about TMU domain names, please visit "Internet Domain Name Procedure policy"