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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Mark International Cybersecurity Awareness Month with tips on minimizing risks that can show up in our everyday socializing, learning and working online.

Your help is crucial

By becoming aware of possible threats and vulnerabilities, you can help protect yourself as well as TMU. Here are some important things you can do:

  • Know the common traits of phishing emails and how to report and delete them.
  • Install and allow automatic updates for antivirus software.
  • Use two-factor authentication with all TMU accounts and, where possible, with personal accounts, because passwords don’t provide enough protection for your accounts and everything they can access.
  • Use a password manager to safely store and keep track of login credentials for all of your TMU and personal accounts.

Find more on the topics of protecting dataprotecting devices and protecting your identity.

What are you interested in?

Prizes and contests

Students, faculty and staff have a chance to win great prizes this year!

Find out which prizes you’re eligible for and how you can win on the:

$100 Amazon eGift Cards
(50 prizes)

$50 Skip the Dishes Gift Cards
(100 prizes)

Grand prize: 13.3” Google Pixelbook Go
(1 prize)

Choose Your Own Adventure games

Navigating Your Own Path interactive storyline

Are you up-to-date?

Software updates help keep computers secure.

Find out if your operating system and browser are due for an update.

Log in to run our in-house browser and plugin detector.

The cybersafety landscape at our university

infographic - The cybersafety landscape at our university.

As many as 1 million account password-guessing attempts are logged by Ryerson each week. Each month, the university prevents 1 million connections from email systems known to send harmful messages. We reject close to 3 million monthly email delivery attempts from suspicious servers using invalid delivery methods to reach Ryerson users. On a daily basis, up to 200 emails with harmful attachments are blocked from reaching Ryerson users.