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Browser tips and minimum technology

It's important to keep your web browser up-to-date for both security and performance reasons. For an optimal experience, it is recommended to use Google Chrome (external link, opens in new window)  when navigating TMU applications and websites.

Experiencing issues with your web browser? Sometimes websites store information in your browser's cache (pronounced like cash) and cookies. Clearing your cache forces your browser to retrieve the newest copy available from the website. Sometimes this helps with certain problems, like loading, formatting or login issues on sites.

When accessing certain websites like D2L Brightspace, eHR, or MyServiceHub through the portal, they may open in a pop-up window. 

Most web browsers automatically block pop-ups by default, preventing the website from loading properly. We recommend allowing pop-ups for “” specifically, rather than enabling all pop-ups, whenever possible. Usually the pop-up warning will appear right beside the URL field within the tab, otherwise please refer to the following guides:

Use your favourite web browser (if it's installed). Although uncommon, sometimes you may come across websites that tell you that your browser doesn't work with their website. If necessary, you can change the default browser in various operating systems so that all links will open in your preferred browser.

D2L Brightspace includes a tool that can check your system to ensure it is compatible with Brightspace. 

Perform a quick system check in D2L Brightspace (external link, opens in new window) 

Visit TMU’s D2L Brightspace support website:

Minimum technology requirements for remote learning and working

The following are the minimum technical requirements to access Toronto Metropolitan University’s online learning resources when engaged in remote learning and work. As individual programs or courses may have additional requirements, please refer to your faculty, program, or course requirements for specific guidance.

A Windows 10 or macOS X computer with a minimum of:

  • Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • 20 GB of available storage space after all applications are installed.
  • Webcam (built-in or external).
  • Ability to connect external devices as needed including where necessary: webcam, headset, and external storage devices.
  • Webcam, unless there is one already integrated into your computer.
  • Headset with microphone for improved audio quality and to reduce echo while speaking during webinars. If the computer has a good microphone, earbuds may be used instead.
  • A minimum download speed of 5 Mbps.
  • Where possible, a wired connection to a router is preferred over connecting to a router via wireless access. If wireless must be used, work as close as possible to the wireless router to maintain excellent signal strength.

Google Drive

Storage in Google Drive is available to all TMU students along with Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar and Slides. More information about these services is available on the Google Workspace at Toronto Metropolitan University page of our website.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is available free for all TMU students. For more information please visit the Microsoft software page on our website.

Sophos Home antivirus

Sophos Home is an antivirus program that will protect your personal PC or Mac computer against computer viruses and malware. Find instructions for downloading Sophos Home on our Security Software page.

Special purchasing programs for Dell and Apple products are available to students. Review the current offers at the: