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Cabling Services

Various cabling services are offered throughout the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) campus. Before requesting such services, it is recommended that one should go through the terms and conditions.

Communication Infrastructure Services (CIS) provides the various cabling services to the campus departments. It provides them with the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of intra and inter-building structured cabling of horizontal, vertical riser cabling, and backbone cabling. Structured cabling infrastructure enables the transport of voice, data, and video over various copper and fiber optic media supporting network speeds of up to 100 Gigabit/sec. These services include telephone, TMUnet connections, wireless and Electronic Safety and Security (ESS), including Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Emergency Communications.

TMU has over 300 single-mode fiber optic cables to serve the buildings contained within the Campus Area Network. Over 20 km of single-mode fiber optic cable has been installed in both level one and level two backbone meeting the campus communities’ technology needs. CIS also designs, installs and maintains several hundred Telecommunications Rooms throughout the campus.

CIS provides a comprehensive approach to providing high quality, standards-based wiring infrastructure in adherence to TMU’s Division 27 Communication Specifications. These standards and guidelines have been formatted in accordance with the Construction Specifications Institute 2004 MasterFormat and are based on current industry standards, BICSI best practices and Ontario building, fire and electrical codes.

CIS’s mission is to effectively respond to all service and delivery requests for Structured Cabling. CIS will ensure that cable installation practices are fulfilled in a quality manner.

New Buildings

CIS works closely with Campus Planning and Real Estate (CPRE) to ensure new building construction at TMU includes well designed and cost-effective Communications Infrastructure. Recent projects include Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC), Student Learning Centre (SLC) and Church Street Development (CSD).

Campus Projects

CIS works closely with Campus Facilities and Sustainability (CFS) on Campus Projects to ensure a well-designed and cost-effective Communications Infrastructure.

Contact the CCS Help Desk if you are unsure whether your move will require new cabling or the rerouting of cables and also to ensure that any movement of cables can be done in a timely fashion. This includes:

  • Rearranging offices
  • New or moving phones
  • New or moving computers or printer

You can reach the CCS Help Desk at ext 556806 or