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Repairs & Installation

CCS has arranged with Dell to provide discounted computers or a discount coupon for staff or students to purchase personal computers.   To see discounted computers or shop with a discount coupon , login with your TMU email address at (external link) .

CCS technicians repair and service all supported hardware. To place a service call, contact the CCS Help Desk. Please have the RU# ready. The RU# is found on the red and silver Toronto Metropolitan University property sticker on your computer.  

Please note that we do not deliver or provide any repair services for Non-Supported Hardware. Review our Service List for pricing and more information.

Repair and Installation Services

For Staff and Faculty equipment owned by Toronto Metropolitan University

Repair and Installation Services Provided

Repairs and Services For Supported Hardware For Non-Supported  Hardware
Set-up PC: Inventory Tag, Acceptance Testing, Delivery and Set Up in Office. No charge. No Service. Cartons are delivered directly to client.
PC hardware repairs No charge if under warranty, $56.54/hr if not under warranty. No Service. Contact an outside vendor. Pricing set by vendor (*)
Moving computer equipment ** $75/hour $75/hour
Virus removal No charge, providing user is following safe computing practices No charge, providing user is following safe computing practices
Connecting equipment to RIN:
  • cable install
  • TMUnet connections
  • TMUnet re-patch (move)
  • CFAPS Printer
 (PDF file) See TMUnet price list.  (PDF file) See TMUnet price list.
Install CCS supported Operating Systems:
If you require CCS to backup and restore your data, anything other than your email messages, then an additional fee will be incurred.
$75 (OS install)

+ $75 (for data backup/restore)
$75 (OS install)

+ $75 (for data backup/restore)
Install CCS supported software No charge No charge.
Install unsupported commercial software or operating systems purchased by end user $75/hour $75/hour
Troubleshooting for non-supported software or operating systems. Troubleshooting is on a best efforts basis only. $200/hour $200/hour
Troubleshooting CCS supported software and connectivity problems No charge
No charge.
Transferring user's data files (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.). $75/hour $75/hour
Printer repair No charge for labour
Charges apply for non-warranty parts
No Service
Printer repair/cleaning caused by spillage using third party or refilled toners. $75 No Service
Monitor repair No charge. No Service

Supported Software List

The following operating systems and applications are fully supported by CCS:

Supported Operating Systems

Operating Systems
Windows 10 (Professional and Enterprise only)

Supported Software and 64bit compatibility

Application 64bit compatible
Microsoft Office Yes
Acrobat Pro Yes
Internet Explorer Yes *
TMU-VPN, GlobalProtect Yes
Sophos antivirus Yes
SeaMonkey (formerly Mozilla) for E-mail Undetermined
RUFIS (Financial) Yes ***
XM Fax Yes

* IE 8 does not work with RUFIS
*** If using the 32-bit version of IE, install the 32-bit version of Java plug-in. If using the 64-bit of version of IE, install the 64-bit version of Java plug-in.