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Site Licensing

Site license agreements are entered into with software vendors to give the university or specific groups within the university access to a particular software product. A key benefit of license centralization is that we can maximize the groups included, and this strength in numbers opens opportunities for volume discounts. We have the expertise to coordinate software negotiations with vendors to get the best possible pricing. As well, we can provide software hosting and distribution services for group software licensing. The requirements that we consider for Site Licenses are based on the needs of the campus. Software considered, in most cases, is the industry standard and provides baseline IT infrastructure for the core of the University.

Please email if your school or department wishes to be included in an active license agreement or to investigate the potential for a new license agreement.

The following is a list and brief explanation of current site licenses at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). Depending on the license agreement in place, some software can be downloaded directly by Faculty, Staff and Students. Some are restricted to lab installation only. For further questions, please email

Site Licensing - Software Cost Information

Software Product Notes & Eligibility Cost Information
Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Toronto Metropolitan University has a new Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) for 2020 - 2023. Faculty and Staff should first check with their department for a license. For more information please see Faculty/Staff tab on CCS Adobe Software website.
For students, Adobe Creative Cloud is available in Academic Computing Labs.
Cost to departments/individuals
Arc GIS (ESRI) Contact for information regarding departmental participation in this Campus License Agreement Cost to departments
AutoDesk AutoDesk is available at no cost for all faculty (for teaching purposes) and students. Please visit AutoDesk Education Community (external link, opens in new window)  page. No cost
MapInfo Campus Licensing agreement for concurrent license usage. We can help set up computing labs on campus with concurrent licensing. We can not distribute this software on an individual basis because of the concurrent site licensing model. No cost
Matlab Available to Toronto Metropolitan University Faculty, Staff and Students. No cost
Microsoft Office Products Available to Faculty and Staff of Participating Departments Only. Participation in this agreement allows all schools to install Microsoft Office in all labs. Cost to departments
NVivo NVivo is qualitative data organization software program appropriate for those engaged in a diverse range of qualitative research methods. Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) has a site license for NVIVO making the software available to all Faculty and labs. No cost
PCI Geomatics Contact for information regarding participation in this Campus License Agreement. Cost to departments
SAS Contact for information regarding participation in this Campus License Agreement.  
Sophos Available to Toronto Metropolitan University Faculty, Staff and Students. No cost
SPSS Contact Kelly Abraham ( in the Toronto Metropolitan University Bookstore for all licensing inquiries. Moreover, SPSS is available at no charge to students, faculty and staff through Virtual Applications. Cost to departments