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Terms and Conditions

  1. Type of cable depends on existing installed base in building. Cat6A cable is installed in all new buildings.
  2. The cabling service fees do not cover the cost of removing old or unused telecommunications cable.
  3. Cable will be placed in accordance with the standards and specifications in use by CIS at the time of the installation.
  4. Installations will comply with all applicable safety standards.
  5. Maintenance, repair, or alteration of the installed cables is the responsibility of CIS. Maintenance is limited to the cabling and termination hardware installed by CIS.
  6. CIS reserves the right to perform the work using its own employees or the services of approved outside contractors.
  7. Maintenance and repair of installed cabling and hardware is included for the life of the cable.


  1. Overtime (outside normal working hours) labour.
  2. Pathway construction / non-standard cable installation. Non-standard cable installation will be performed on a labour/material basis – not per cable pricing.
    1. Installations of horizontal or vertical cable pathways between telecommunications rooms and end-user areas (e.g., cable trays, surface raceway, conduit)
    2. Asbestos remediation
    3. Coring or drilling
    4. Utility poles for drops at locations other than walls
    5. Assembly or disassembly of modular furniture in order to install wiring
  3. Activation of cabling ports is not included in the cost per cable; port activation charges are dependent on the type of service required.
  4. Patch cables (included in TMUnet or telephone connection).
  5. Connection of terminal equipment to the cable (included in TMUnet or telephone connection).
  6. Additional patch panels (if required) not included.