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Hoteling Computer Recommendations

CCS has arranged with Dell to provide discounted computers or a discount coupon for staff or students to purchase personal computers.   To see discounted computers or shop with a discount coupon , login with your TMU email address at (external link) .

With Toronto Metropolitan University looking at a hybrid return to work, some Departments and/or Schools may be looking at ”hoteling” or shared workspaces for staff and faculty.

CCS recommends that whenever possible each employee should be provided with a laptop that would allow them to work remotely and on campus at their current assigned location or at hoteling stations.  If it is not possible to provide each employee with a laptop and the employee will be using a personal device at home and a shared desktop in a hoteling setting, the desktops will need to be configured to ensure Employee privacy.  It is not recommended to allow staff and faculty to use personally owned devices.

Hoteling - Laptops

Hoteling stations to support staff and faculty with University owned laptops should have the following:

  • USB-C or Thunderbolt docking station (some monitors include a docking station)
  • One or two monitors (minimum size 27”) connected to the docking station
  • Wired keyboard and mouse connected to the docking station
  • Wi-Fi network access.

It is recommended that when using a laptop in a hoteling location that the University’s Wi-Fi network (RUSecure) be used.   

Hoteling - Shared Desktops

If a shared computer(s) is(are) being used at hoteling stations when staff and/or faculty do not have a University supplied laptop, the desktop needs to maintain the user’s expectation of privacy as per the University’s Privacy Policy.  To ensure privacy, the computers will be configured so that a user will not have  “Administrator” rights on the computer.  Users will NOT be able to make changes to the configuration nor install applications.

The hoteling computer stations should have the following:

  • Dell OptiPlex desktop computer that is less than 6 years of age.
  • One or two monitors (minimum size 27”) 
  • Wired keyboard and mouse 
  • Ethernet connection

This document should be used as a guide. Departments and/or Schools may have unique requirements.  Discuss these requirements with Kevin Davies, Manager End-User Computing – CCS or your Departmental/School IT Support team.