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The Creative School is where you come to learn, transform and reimagine everything you thought was creative.

In a world where future skills reports from organizations like LinkedIn, Adobe, and the World Economic Forum highlight creativity as a crucial, in-demand skill, our educational approach is designed to prepare you for tomorrow's challenges. At The Creative School, you'll build future-ready skills while immersing yourself in a culture of innovation and collaboration. With access to professional media studios, advanced technology labs, and design fabrication workshops, you'll work alongside industry partners and gain hands-on experience that sets you apart.


Located in the centre of Canada’s most diverse city, The Creative School puts opportunity at your front door. Connect directly with culture, entrepreneurship, and industry while immersing and establishing yourself as a professional in your field.

Undergraduate Programs

Join the world’s stage at one of Canada’s premier schools for theatre education.

Open the curtains to your future career in performance acting! 

This conservatory-based program trains talented actors from diverse backgrounds to be ready for the Industry as changemakers of the future. With focused classes on the art of acting for stage and camera taught by working actors and artists, join a creative place where hard work and courage help you to become your best self as an actor, artist, and human.

Combine a business foundation with your choice of creative field, choosing from fashion, publishing, music, T.V., film, performance, and design

Blend your passion for creativity with the talent for business with this unique and one-of-a-kind degree.

Creative Industries is an interdisciplinary program that blends design, media, communication, cultural, and business studies to investigate the creative fields from the perspective of management and entrepreneurship.

Join the world’s stage at one of Canada’s premier schools for theatre education.

Prepare for a professional career as a performer, choreographer, or teacher at Canada’s premier post-secondary dance program. 

This conservatory-style environment offers rigorous professional dance training in multiple forms of dance - ballet, modern, jazz, West African, and contemporary styles in direct collaboration with highly acclaimed guest artists and major arts organizations. You will graduate as a skillful, versatile dance artist who is a thoughtful collaborator empowered to become the next generation of creative leaders.

Ranked Canada's top fashion school.

Be a part of Canada’s leading university fashion program offering a Bachelor of Design. 

Fashion at The Creative School nurtures students to radically transform the Canadian and global fashion system by advancing the principles of inclusion, decolonization and sustainability. Join us as we revolutionise fashion.

Come to the training ground of Canada’s top filmmakers.

Image Arts: Film Studies prepares students for a variety of job opportunities in the film industry including writers, producers, cinematographers, and directors. You will learn all aspects of filmmaking by doing and collaborating with your classmates to produce professional-level work.


Join Canada’s only degree-granting program in the $11 billion printing industries.

With a degree in Graphic Communications Management, graduates are ready to lead the next wave in changing how we interact with products and packaging - whether it’s 3D printing, packaging design, or developing creative solutions to business needs

Collaborate in an open studio environment in one of AZURE magazine’s top-ranked interior design programs in the world.

This accredited and hands-on degree combines professional development and technology to help you become a leader in the design industry and gain an understanding and consideration of the technological, aesthetic, ideological, environmental, cultural, and social dimensions of the built environment.


Receive a world-class education in journalism.

Search for the truth and create insightful and engaging news stories. Cultivate transferable and marketable skills in interviewing, critical thinking, and research. Explore how to put current events in context and understand key issues and trends. Learn how you can change the world through text, audio, visual and digital media.

Revolutionize the entertainment industry in one of the top 15 international media schools according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As a media production student, you can concentrate in television and video, radio and sound, video game design, digital media, screenwriting, media business, and critical media theory. Work with industry-level equipment and gain skills in the art, craft and business of media.

Master the creative, talk the technical and learn to thrive in entrepreneurship!

New Media will help you develop your own creative voice with a strong foundation in interaction design, computer programming, gaming, and mobile development, interactive storytelling, robotics, wearable computing, art installations, digital fabrication, and more!

Become an expert in production management, creative technologies, and design applications for live performance and entertainment.

This degree provides students with leadership skills to develop, produce and manage theatre, dance, music, and a wide range of live production as well as training in costume and scenery, lighting, projection, audio, and more!

Transform people with one image.

Toronto Met Photography Media Arts and Integrated Digital BFA is Canada’s longest-standing photo program. It is also among the world’s most innovative places to learn your craft. Learn to activate 21st century modes of image production including video, design, and emerging technologies. At IMA, we are constantly expanding what it means to work with photographic media in an ever-changing field.

Develop communication strategies, share ideas, and collaborate with other creative and passionate communicators.

Join us at the School of Professional Communication and learn to develop innovative communication strategies for any industry while connecting and engaging with audiences. 

Professional Communication at The Creative School provides students with an immersive learning environment with all the technology, faculty expertise, and industry connections needed to succeed. Explore communication methods and media used across a wide range of fields and industries through classroom and experiential learning. Access leading-edge creative technologies, simulation activities, and guest lectures from industry leaders.

Shape the future of the music industry in this one-of-a-kind program.

Professional Music is the first program in Canada that inspires talent, enhances creativity, and equips emerging artists with the skills and experience needed to excel in the modern music industry.

Broadcast straight from the Mattamy Athletic Centre; formerly known as Maple Leaf Gardens in this unique program!

Innovate the industry through practical, hands-on education in production, sport entertainment management, journalism, theory, and marketing. Use cutting-edge technology and gain access to elite internships that allow Sport Media graduates to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Graduate Programs

York University and Toronto Metropolitan University have pooled their resources to offer the Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture - an interdisciplinary initiative unmatched anywhere in Canada.

Launched in 1999, the joint graduate program in Communication and Culture ("ComCult") is a remarkable partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University and York University. Our program combines expertise and opportunities for advanced study of media and cultural technologies, as well as communications politics in practice and theory. Our students come from diverse social sciences, humanities, media, business, cultural production and fine arts backgrounds. Our program offers a rich curriculum that supports this diversity.

Dive into the ever-growing world of digital media.

Toronto Met’s Master of Digital Media is an intensive 12-month professional program designed to equip graduates with the skills and industry experience they will need as they launch themselves into the digital media world. Whether students plan to develop their own startup, work in the corporate world or go on to complete further studies, we provide the framework for success.

Learn to tell stories that matter.

Through combined studies in documentary production and history, our curriculum prepares students to produce creative projects that can take the form of narrative or non-narrative films, gallery-based installations, photobooks, performance-based or interactive events, and web or multi-platform documentaries.

Step out of the box with this exceptional program, the only one of its kind in Canada.

Join us to study and research fashion critically and creatively through the lens of our School’s guiding principles: inclusion, sustainability, and decolonization. Our unique, interdisciplinary Master of Arts program offers theoretical and applied approaches to fashion. We offer internships, hands-on access to historical garments, and guidance with the in-depth written or creative/written research project you will embark on during your degree.

Art and history collide in this unique program that can only be found in Toronto Met’s Creative School.

Film and photography preservation has been redefined by digital technologies. Responding to these dramatic changes, Toronto Met’s F+PPCM program provides a rigorous and intensive professional education of applied and theoretical courses in the history, technology, and intellectual organization of image and audiovisual collections. Get hands-on experience by launching your career with an exclusive six-month residency with one of our industry partners.

Uncover the truth through professional journalism.

Uncover the truth

Students in the two-year Master of Journalism program receive rigorous and intensive preparation for professional work in newspapers, broadcasting, magazines, and digital journalism. They learn how to report stories to professional standards while gaining a sophisticated understanding of journalism’s historic mission and its present-day possibilities, learning advanced research skills, embracing innovation, and focusing on the challenges of covering Canada’s largest, most diverse and most dynamic city.

Take your creativity to new heights.

The PhD in Media & Design Innovation is a one-of-a-kind doctoral program for scholars and practitioners in media, design, and creative disciplines. Placing creativity at the heart of learning, this practise-based program is designed specifically for innovative makers and leading practitioners.

Challenge conventional wisdom of media production!

Students study traditional and innovative media forms, outlets, and technologies in order to tell compelling stories that reach a diverse audience.

Develop communication strategies, share ideas, and collaborate with other creative and passionate communicators.

Challenge yourself to critically and creatively explore visual design, media relations, risk-crisis communication, advanced speaking, and presentation technologies in this one-year intensive program. This program addresses the growing need for formally qualified specialists to plan, implement and oversee organizational communication at an advanced level.


Reinvent storytelling in this new two-year MFA program.

Students in Scriptwriting & Story Design are exposed to new forms of storytelling and are encouraged to explore the possibilities of emerging technology. Students learn to develop powerful stories, designed for maximum impact.

The Master of Interior Design (MID) program is a rigorous, one-year post-professional program designed to prepare future leaders and changemakers to take on growing industry demands.

MID students gain a deep understanding of how interior design impacts society and delve into cutting-edge concepts such as design thinking models, emerging technology, and new approaches to sustainability. Whether your goal is to pursue academia or break new ground as a designer, this program will give you the tools and expertise you need to succeed.

Student Resources

Student Success Centre

Located on the third floor of the Rogers Communication Centre (RCC), we help students navigate services across The Creative School and Toronto Met U. 

Discover what services are available and speak to our Success coordinator at any time.



Join us and expand your horizons through education that emphasizes co-creation, innovation, and leadership. Learn more about how you can start your journey to becoming a leader in a world that prizes creativity above all. Question? Contact us at