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Innovation Hubs

Innovation Hubs

Whether it’s developing the next big video game, exploring the potentials of artificial intelligence in creative industries, or launching a startup, students have the opportunity to collaborate closely with industry leaders and access cutting-edge technology. Our Innovation Hubs don’t just prepare students for their careers — they propel them into the forefront of innovation.


Creative AI Hub

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The Creative AI Hub is a unique interdisciplinary centre dedicated to redefining the landscape of artificial intelligence and data science. They blend creativity, design innovation, and storytelling to unlock new dimensions in AI research and education. Through industry partnerships, AI curriculum development, and applied research, the Creative AI Hub is working to make AI accessible to students and faculty across disciplines, regardless of their background in coding or engineering. 

Red Bull Gaming Hub

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The Red Bull Gaming Hub offers a cutting-edge environment in the heart of a city already embracing massive growth in the video game and esports industries. The unique setup allows for research and instructional content and integrates interactive student engagement with a focus on supporting video game design, esports broadcasting, and virtual production.

Innovation Studio
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The Innovation Studio is a cross-disciplinary studio that is home to four creative incubators: Design Fabrication Zone, Fashion Zone, Music Den, and Transmedia Zone devoted to innovation in storytelling, music, design, fashion, and maker culture.

Those interested in an opportunity to grow their entrepreneurial, creative and professional skills outside the classroom can join the studio through one of three membership options to turn their creative ideas into startups. Students get to grow their networks, meet artists and creators, and receive mentorship throughout the stages of ideation, development, and production.

Design + Technology LAB

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The Design + Technology LAB is a 8,300 sq ft. research, education, and manufacturing workshop supporting technology-based research, curriculum, and entrepreneurship activities. The state-of-the-art facility disrupts and revolutionizes technology within the creative fields using digital fabrication, 3D printing, textile computing, AR/VR, and robotics.

The lab enables students to grow their technological skills through the use of cutting-edge, hands-on equipment. Students can access the lab directly for hands-on training and use of the equipment or through a myriad of technology-driven courses offered at The Creative School’s programs.


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The Catalyst is a large-scale space dedicated to scholarly, research, and creative (SRC) activities within The Creative School. It supports a vast scope of potential, emerging, and ongoing projects and brings people together to explore, innovate, and impact our world. It currently supports 17 labs and research centres in residence.

The Catalyst transforms ideas to success stories, with tailored guides, grants, and funding opportunities to support research and ignite innovative ideas.


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Saagajiwe is The Creative School’s home for participation, action, and research in Indigenous creative practice. Named after the Anishinaabec word for "the emerging light of dawn", Saagajiwe supports Indigenous creative expression, curriculum development, the preservation of Indigenous language, and the creation of safe spaces on campus. In 2022, Saagajiwe launched SIKOSE, an open source Indigenous knowledges encyclopedia. SIKOSE is a robust collection of audio, visual, textual, graphic, performance, and experiential learning resources focusing on Indigenous Studies.


Chrysalis is a multidisciplinary performance space shaping the future of interactive and creative experiences to captivate new audiences. Housed in the historic 1200-seat proscenium stage formerly known as Ryerson Theatre in downtown Toronto, Chrysalis is dedicated to laying an equitable foundation for the future through groundbreaking collaborations in R&D residencies, live events, and community partnerships across academia, arts, entertainment, and technology.