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The Red Bull Gaming Hub at The Creative School offers a cutting-edge environment in the heart of a city already embracing massive growth in the video game and esports industries. The unique setup allows for research and instructional content and integrates interactive student engagement with a focus on supporting video game design, esports broadcasting, and virtual production.

In partnership with Red Bull Canada, the Red Bull Gaming Hub at The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University focuses on innovation and new applications of video game design, virtual production, and esports broadcasting, while building educational, curricular, and extracurricular activities.

Student with gaming headphones and glasses playing a video game on a computer.
Student with gaming headphones playing video game on a computer front of the Red Bull Gaming Hub sign.
A gaming chair between multiple gaming screens running a multiplayer game.


The Red Bull Gaming Hub will push for deeper investment and growth of the esports, virtual production and game design industries in toronto as gaming continues to surge in popularity around the world.

Red Bull Gaming Hub with rows of high performance gaming computers with circular lights above and blue neon lights below.

Built for competition and training, maximized for player performance


The Gaming Hub’s 36 stations are arranged into bays of six machines each, allowing a full team plus coach to assemble at each bay.

Powering unlimited virtual worlds


The high-performance PC’s in the Gaming Hub, generously provided by AMD, provide the necessary computing power to build the worlds needed for effective virtual production.

Creating interactive experiences


Beyond the AMD-powered machines, every computer is outfitted with a complete package of software tools to support the entire game design process, from conception, to design, modeling, and to development itself.

Gaming computers sitting on desks in a row under a futuristic, circular lamp.
Students playing video games on computers with colourful keyboards and gaming headphones.
Icon of AV cable. Unreal engine logo next to it.

Supports virtual production and broadcasting using Open Broadcast Software and Unreal Engine

Icon of computer screen. Number 36 next to it.

36 high-performance gaming computers equipped with some of the best AMD technology on the market

Icon of speaker. 4K written next to it.

Eight 4KHD televisions along the walls, a 5:1 surround sound speaker system and game library full of absolute classics