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Professional Development

Enhance, upgrade or change your career

Join our intensive workshops to gain in-demand skills that are sought after in the job market and trending within the industry.


Why Upskill?

Learn from Canada’s top creative experts

Utilize virtual evening sessions for your busy schedule

Gain competitive skills in a few weeks

Acquire highly in-demand skills needed today

Upskill at Canada’s leading creative institution

Unlock new professional opportunities

Upcoming Workshops

Unreal Engine for Film, TV and Game Production Workshop Series


4 Workshops, 4 weeks each | Coming soon (Fall)

  1. Introduction to Virtual Production in Unreal Engine
  2. World Building for Virtual Production
  3. Introduction to Unreal Game Engine
  4. Lighting & Post Processing in Unreal

CASO (Computer Animation Studios of Ontario) Production Management for Animation & VFX Workshop Series


4 Workshops, 4 weeks each | Starting from May 6 and September 3, 2024

  1. Fundamentals of Production Management
  2. Production Finance, Scheduling & Budgeting (Business)
  3. Creative & Technical Production Pipelines
  4. Production Planning (Operational)

Who Should Apply?

Creative professionals

Junior or middle level professionals in the creative fields aiming to enhance their skills or transition into a new career.

Professionals in fields supporting the creative industries

such as lawyers, accountants, and government officials seeking to better understand the creative mindset to enhance their support.

Recent graduates

in film, media, communications, design and other creative disciplines seeking entry into the professional industry.

Those exploring a creative profession

and striving for a career change in the creative industries.


Past and current workshops with The Creative School’s industry partners:

Epic Games Logo

Epic Games

The Creative School Pro workshop series in Unreal Engine offers hands-on training on this widely-used 3D engine technology for gaming, animation, VFX, Film and other immersive experiences.


Computer Animation Studios of Ontario logo


Offered in partnership with the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario, the CASO Production Management workshop series provides training in production management for animation, film and VFX projects. 

Toronto Arts Council logo

Toronto Arts Council

The TAC Leaders Lab (external link)  is a year-round program that provides mentorship and workshops for arts professionals who aspire to lead change in their communities. 

BIPOC Tv & Film logo


The ELEVATE  (external link) program is a multi-partner incubator that offers business training by The Creative School for BIPOC producers who seek to grow their own production companies in Canada.

Aller Media logo

Aller Media Denmark

The Creative School's customized training program for Aller Media provides Danish media industry professionals with workshops dedicated to design thinking, interaction design, digital publishing, media technologies, and business development.

Cirque du Soleil logo

Cirque Du Soleil & FOLiE Lab

FOLiE brings together artists, researchers, and students to explore the intersections of technology and creativity to create engaging live entertainment experiences for audiences. 

Get in Touch

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