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About The Creative School


For over 75 years, The Creative School has offered highly esteemed, top-ranked programs recognized across various industries. Here, students are immersed in an environment that puts them in close contact with cultural, entrepreneurial, and industry leaders, integrating real-world experiences into every aspect of their educational journey. This dynamic setting not only cultivates leaders but also pioneers who are ready to innovate and influence the creative landscape globally.

Creativity Starts Here


Known for delivering innovative professional education for 75+ years, The Creative School produces some of the most in-demand and employable graduates anywhere.


The Creative School offers hands-on learning opportunities to solve current and future problems creatively by providing unique opportunities for collaboration across disciplines.


We're making a difference and impacting society  through innovative education that encourages exploration, supports impactful research, and provides space for collaboration and critical problem-solving.

Public Focused

We focus on audiences and user-experience design as a way to provide meaningful engagement and value to individuals and communities.

Areas of Disruption

Exploring emerging technologies in new media such as 3D game engines, augmented reality (AR), camera tracking technologies, robotic arms, and projection mapping allows our faculty and students to explore the endless possibilities of immersive experiences including a fascinating range of possibilities for human-computer interaction.

Through a distinctively transdisciplinary approach at the crossroads of technology and creativity, The Creative School is tackling questions of how changes in audience preferences, emerging technologies and shifting economic conditions are creating new possibilities for live entertainment. From high-profile esports tournaments to live music concerts, The Creative School is evaluating the emerging trends and exploring the potential for social and commercial impact.

Sustainable design is a core pillar across the disciplines at The Creative School. As we continue to create our future, sustainability is integrated through various techniques. This includes, but is not limited to, design sustainability in interiors, spaces, packaging and printing.

The Creative School brings together the creative minds from across the fields of media, design, and creative industries to explore audience consumption and user/audience experiences, including in emerging areas of digital media and human-computer interactions.

The Creative School is pushing the boundaries on new social narratives and the applications of creativity to foster diverse perspectives and views.

Dean of The Creative School

The Creative School Dean, Charles Falzon
Charles Falzon

A leading educator and entrepreneur in the cultural industries, Charles Falzon is the Dean of The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). During his time as Dean, Charles has propelled the development of the faculty, positioning it as a global leader. Under his leadership, The Creative School has introduced several unique programs and transdisciplinary initiatives.

Charles’ vision for a stronger cultural sector is informed by 30 years of leadership in public and private companies in media production, media distribution, book publishing, theme parks, and live entertainment. He has been responsible for globally leading the development and marketing of many renowned properties including Thomas and Friends and Guinness World Records. His work has received international recognition through numerous awards including Gemini Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, and an international Emmy nomination.