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Located in the heart of Canada's most diverse city, The Creative School stands as a beacon of innovation. Here, creativity isn't just a skill—it's the core of everything we do, transforming learning and expanding the boundaries of what’s possible. We offer a truly transdisciplinary education that immerses students in a creative ecosystem and encourages collaboration across faculties and around the globe.

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Creativity is at the heart of innovation, driving insights and learning, and expanding what's possible.

Spanning 9 schools and 27 top-ranked programs both nationally and internationally, The Creative School delivers cutting-edge research and education in media, communication, design, and creative industries.

Global Learning Re-Defined

We believe in the power of global perspectives to enrich education. With partnerships spanning continents, our programs immerse students in diverse cultures and global marketplaces. Whether you're attending classes at one of our international hubs or engaging in cross-cultural collaborations online, you’ll gain unparalleled insights and build international networks.

International Hubs

Innovation Hubs: Bridging Ideas & Industries

The Creative School is home to 7 Innovation Hubs — vibrant centres of creativity and collaboration that give students the opportunity to engage directly with cutting-edge industries. With advanced technology labs, professional media studios, and design fabrication workshops, our network of hubs allows students to experiment and push the boundaries of media, communication, and design.

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Join us and expand your horizons through education that emphasizes co-creation, innovation, and leadership. Learn more about how you can start your journey to becoming a leader in a world that prizes creativity. Apply now and start making a difference.