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Welcome to Professional Communication at the Creative School

We are a vibrant community of eloquent, creative, and strategic communication students, staff and faculty. The focus of Professional Communication is to give students critical and practical skills in making media using text, image and sound. 

Through a combination of coursework and practical projects, and using a variety of technologies, Professional Communication students learn to engage with various audiences, and to be artful and strategic problem solvers through projects in writing, content creation, PR, advocacy, communication strategy and planning, and design.

Our faculty provide a dynamic learning environment that gives our students critical, analytical and design skills to foster eloquence and aesthetics in a variety of communication fields: politics, media, science, business and healthcare. Our program emphasises adaptability and flexibility, to ensure our graduates are well-prepared for professional work or further study in Communication.  A degree in Professional Communication serves as a cornerstone upon which students can confidently build their chosen career paths.

– Jessica Mudry | Chair, Professional Communication




Bachelor of Arts (BA)

A flexible program that explores communication, design, content creation, and digital technology.


Master of Professional Communication

A one-year graduate program focused on solving complex problems through innovative communication strategies.

Media & Design Innovation (PhD)

A practice-based doctoral program for scholars and practitioners in media, design, and creative disciplines.

Employers are looking for communication skills

Across industries and careers, communication consistently ranks as one of the top skills that employers look for when hiring. A degree in professional communication gives graduates the flexibility to steer their career towards in-demand jobs.

Career-ready skills

  • Design & visual communication
  • Information technology
  • Organizational problem solving
  • Professional writing
  • Strategic communication
  • Teamwork & collaboration

Fields professional communication grads have pursued

Digital Content Creation

Graphic Design

Marketing & Advertising

Public Relations

Social Media Management

Corporate & Strategic Communications

Explore cutting-edge tech to make something new & exciting

In ProCom, you'll get the opportunity to both build employable skills and explore creative forms of self-expression. Unleash your creative potential and create something amazing with access to an equipment library of audio/visual tech, recording studios, and workshops with specialized equipment for 3D printing, laser cutting, professional printing, virtual reality, and more.

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As a Professional Communication student, you'll be part of The Creative School, a dynamic faculty offering 27 degree programs in media, design and creative industries. Through global experiences and transdisciplinary opportunities, our students emerge as some of the most in demand and employable graduates anywhere.

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