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The ProCom Academic Advising website is for undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Professional Communication. With personalized advice and a wealth of resources, this site has all the essential academic information you need to know as you progress through the program. If you have questions or need additional support, please contact the advising team at We're committed to making your academic journey a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Advising Events


The Fall 2023 Exam Period will take place from December 6-17, 2023.


Lauren Awalt

Lauren Awalt | Student Affairs Assistant

General Advising Inquiries

Lauren is your first point of contact for general advising inquiries related to your program requirements and can direct you towards many of the learning resources and support services available to you at TMU.

Weekly Drop-in Sessions

Laura Baker

Laura Baker | Academic Advisor

Personalized Advising

Laura is your main point of contact for personalized advising (i.e. creating a study plan, transfer credits, Minors, Academic Standing concerns, etc.).

Scheduled Appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an Academic Consideration Request (ACR)?

Academic Consideration (e.g., extended assignment deadlines, make-up assessments) may be requested on the basis of Extenuating Circumstances (such as health or compassion), or on the basis of Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observances. Information about the process for submitting an ACR can be found in the Academic Consideration section.

If a student is registered with Academic Accomodation Support, do they still need to submit an Academic Consideration Request (ACR)?

Yes, if the extenuating circumstances do not relate to their accommodation. A student who has an academic accommodation may experience extenuating circumstances that impact their ability to meet their short-term academic obligations and should submit their requests through the ACR. e.g. a Student with Accommodations can still get the flu.

What if a student submits an ACR without a medical note?

If the student is using their once per term no documentation required request, the system will accept it. The system will automatically monitor submissions. If a student has already submitted their ACR without documentation for the term, further attempts to submit an ACR without documentation will be restricted.

What if a student is unable to get a medical note from their family doctor due to COVID? 

As of August 25, 2020, The Toronto Met Medical Centre is currently operating virtually with appointments by phone or video conferencing.

A medical note can be provided if the circumstances warrant it for a fee of $25.  Please have the student contact 416-979-5070 or by email at to schedule a virtual appointment.

What are the 2023 Fall Priority Enrolment Appointments?

Priority Enrolment Appointments refer to the date that the enrolment period begins. The appointment dates are assigned by year-level and program. Below are the 2023/2024 Priority Enrolment Appointment dates for Professional Communication students.

Year of Study
Priority Enrolment Appointments for 1st year students Tues, August 8, 2023 | 6:00am
Priority Enrolment Appointments for 4th year students Fri, August 11, 2023 | 6:00am
Priority Enrolment Appointments for 3rd year students Mon, August 14, 2023 | 6:00am
Priority Enrolment Appointments for 2nd year students Wed, August 16, 2023 | 6:00am
Fall 2023 Open Enrolment Period August 21 — September 15

When is the exam period for 2023 Fall Semester?

The Fall 2023 Exam Period is from December 6-17, 2023. The Fall 2023 exam schedule will be released approximately one month before the start of the exam period.

Important notes from the Office of the Registrar:

  • Toronto Met's Academic Integrity policy applies to online assessments. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these policies. Please consult the Academic Integrity Office (AIO) website, as well as Policy 60: Academic Integrity (opens in new window) . If you are unsure how these policies apply to your exam, please contact your Professor, or the AIO at as soon as possible.
  • It is your responsibility for ensuring you are aware of the format and timing of your assessment. Please check your course outline, D2L course shell or with your instructor.

How do I apply to graduate? 

An Application to Graduate must be submitted if you are enrolled in your final course, term or year of study. You must apply by the deadline date for either Fall or Spring Convocation, in order to be considered for graduation. Applications received after the deadlines will not be processed.

Please review your academic advisement report to determine whether or not you are eligible to graduate.

How do I select a minor for graduation?

A minor can be selected when applying to graduate. Once you have completed all the necessary courses or are intended to finish the minor, it can be declared through your graduation application on MyServiceHub.

When will I receive my convocation date?

Spring convocation dates are typically finalized in January. This is when you will know the date and time of your convocation ceremony and you can make plans accordingly. Convocation ceremonies are typically 2 hours, followed by a reception. 

For more information about convocation, visit their FAQ page linked below. 

TIP! Do not wait until you receive final grades to apply to graduate, this will be too late.

What is MyServiceHub?

MyServiceHub is a one-stop shop for just about everything you need to do online, such as viewing your academic, financial and personal information at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). Use MyServiceHub to enrol in classes, view your schedule and degree progress, transfer credits and much more!

If you are having any difficulty navigating MyServiceHub, check out the student tutorials below!

What is a Course Substitution/Directive form and when can I use it? 

A Course Substitution/Course Directive allows an undergraduate student to substitute one Toronto Met course for another within their program curriculum.

  • Course Substitution Request — Determines whether a course that is not part of the normal curriculum of a program can be used to fulfill a specific course requirement in the program's normal curriculum. A course substitution does not replace prerequisite requirements needed to enrol in courses.
  • Course Directive Request — Determines whether a course that is not part of the normal curriculum of a program can be used to fulfill a non-specific course in a prescribed group within the program's normal curriculum.

What CMN courses are offered during the spring/summer semester?

Every year, the School of Professional Communication communicates the Spring/Summer course offerings to students. This changes from year to year based on availability. Please find the current CMN course offerings for the Spring/Summer 2023 term: 

Can I take spring/summer courses through the Chang School?

Professional Communication students may also be interested in taking open elective or liberal studies courses over the summer. The Toronto Met Chang School of Continuing Education offers many courses over the Spring/Summer term each year. 

Before enrolling in a Chang school course, be sure to review the Chang School Significant dates calendar as this differs from the Toronto Met Undergraduate calendar. 

Be sure to also check that the course you are enrolling in is listed in your degree requirements, or is an Open Elective (opens in new window) , or the Liberal Studies tables (opens in new window) 

Note: It is important to be mindful of the type of course you are searching for on the Chang School website. Be sure the course reads as "Degree Credit" in order for it to count towards your degree requirements.


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