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Ranked as one of the best fashion schools in the world

Fashion at The Creative School is an interdisciplinary program that inspires future fashion leaders to reimagine the industry in bold, new ways. Our dynamic, flexible curriculum empowers students to chart their own path and pursue learning opportunities that will help them achieve their career goals. Guided by our core principles of Decolonization, Inclusion, and Sustainability, we’re working to transform fashion through teaching, research and creativity.



An interdisciplinary program where students create their own learning pathway through concentrations

Concentrations (optional, not a degree requirement) offer students an opportunity to pursue a particular area in fashion:

  • Fashion Communication — Creative, technical and theoretical approaches of promoting fashion to audiences through multiple platforms
  • Fashion Design — Creative and technical approaches to designing and producing clothing using both traditional and computer-aided design techniques
  • Fashion Studies — Social, cultural and economic implications of the production, promotion and consumption of fashion
  • Design Leadership — Solutions to industry problems by ideating and producing innovative products and/or with tangible social, cultural and/or economic value
  • Textiles & Material Practices — Methods and critical approaches to textile design in both digital and analog environments


A critically-informed program focusing on the social, cultural and economic implications of fashion

  • Full-time program
  • 2-year degree, 5 terms total
  • Combination of coursework + a major research project
  • Students receive entrepreneurial, research and creative support through mentorship

A practice-based doctoral program for scholars and practitioners in media, design, and creative disciplines.

  • 4-year program
  • Curriculum includes: qualitative and practice-based research methods courses, a required graduate colloquium, two elective courses drawn from affiliated graduate programs, and a directed reading course to prepare for comprehensive examinations. 
  • Final dissertation project involves a creative practice component along with a written analysis 

Why Fashion?

By centering new worldviews and actions, the School of Fashion continues to impact the legacy of leadership in the industry. We nurture our students to become the next fashion leaders, makers, doers and thinkers. Students graduate ready to transform the Canadian and global fashion system by questioning norms and exploring new ideas in the fast-paced field of Fashion.

Models posed on runway during student fashion show
Tarot Card student project by Seonhyeok Rim
Fashion photoshoot student project: woman posed in white dress


Unleash your creative potential through hands-on courses and experiential learning. Access professional-grade equipment, workshops and maker spaces — everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

Flexible Career Options

Prepare for a diverse career with course electives in fashion photography, event planning, web design, curation, communication, and more. Build the skills to stay agile in fashion's ever-changing world. Gain professional experience and expand your network through internships in Canada's fashion capital.

Student doing a model's makeup before a fashion show event

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As a Fashion student, you'll be part of The Creative School, a dynamic faculty offering 27 degree programs in media, design and creative industries. Through global experiences and transdisciplinary opportunities, our students emerge as some of the most in demand and employable graduates anywhere.

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