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Research & Creative

The School of Fashion is committed to increasing student engagement through innovative curriculum, scholarly research, and creative (SRC) activities.

The intent is for students to participate in cross-disciplinary opportunities by providing them with interdisciplinary course content and faculty-led projects to explore synergies across disciplines. Students have access to subject-matter specialists across a range of disciplines that allow them to explore the interdisciplinarity of Fashion.

As a School, we foster expansive cross-disciplinary faculty research projects that invite student involvement. Through curricular structure and SRC activities, student learning is enhanced, which helps students navigate into their specializations.


Fashion Design Student & SRFI Fellow, Jonah Solomon: "Thank you to SRFI for providing me with this LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITY."
MA Fashion Candidate, Anna Pollice: "The FRC is an INVALUABLE RESOURCE at the School of Fashion."
Fashion Communication Alumna & Founder of Start-Up KUVRD based in The Fashion Zone, Seevana Hawari: "KUVRD strives to BRIDGE THE GAP between the east and west, designing middle eastern inspired wear."
Fashion Diversity Social Change: "FASHION CONNECTS OUR BODIES TO THE LAND, WATER AND SKY and it connects us to ourselves an each other."
Alumnae, Anna Yaworski and Magdalena Kincaid and Associate Professor, Dr. Sandra Tullio-Pow: "We are most excited about spreading our research at an international stage, [2018 ITAA Annual Conference], and informing attendees that the TRANS COMMUNITY STILL FACES MARGINALIZATION."
Associate Professor, Henry Navarro Delgado: "I had to let go of any personal expectations and EMBRACE THE RHYTHM and idiosyncrasies of rural Yukon." - Delgado completed the JAR Program, three-month fashion residency in Yukon Territory