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Mass Exodus 2022

FCD 817/827 Live Event Supercourse  

Live Event Supercourse I introduces students to Experience Design and Event Design through the development and production of a large-scale, multi-stakeholder fashion and cultural event, Mass Exodus. Students explore various roles in event production and management, including service design, space design, content creation, technical direction and budgeting. Emphasis is placed on the development of hard and soft skills to facilitate successful event production in a variety of creative fields that reflect and influence stakeholder needs.

FFC 32A/B Fashion Promotion

Fashion Promotion emphasizes the significance of events within the fashion system. Students will explore various roles in event production and apply theory to the conceptualization an execution of various event activations. Emphasis is placed on the potential of events to reflect, contribute to and influence socio political discourse while students develop programming that meets the needs of diverse stakeholders.