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Fashion Art Toronto 2023

This season Fashion at The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) has partnered with Fashion Art Toronto (external link) , to showcase Queer and Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) student work on the runway. Led by designer Mic Carter of L'Uomo Strano, an instructor in The School of Fashion and a mentor at TMU’s Fashion Zone, the group show will take place on:
Sunday, November 19th
6:00 PM
Black Creek Assembly - 131 McCormack St
We have an amazing group of students and alumni who are participating in the show that you can come to support:
Adia Morgan, Audrey Chen, Cali Greenidge, Camilla Leonelli Calzado, Curtis Matysek, Delfina Russo, Jina Kim, Jingfei Liu, Joseph Arruejo, Joyin Rey, Kat Wu, Mirabellle Zhou, Miss Harlow, Portia Alight, Precious Ayolade, Riya Pareek, Scarlet Dunlop, Shan Ali
Tickets can be purchased now at (external link) 


Designer Bios

Audrey Chen

Audrey Chen is in her final year of studies for a B.Des in fashion design at TMU (formerly Ryerson University). Audrey’s work under aud c: (audsmiley) explores merging interactivity, functionality, and play to communicate concepts through the user’s interactions with the garments. Her work surrounds themes of adaptability and fluidity to enable wearers to embrace change. aud c: invites wearers to play and form a new, personal relationship with the garment throughout each use.


Find Audrey’s work on @audsmiley on Instagram and (external link) .


Cali Greenidge

My name is Cali Greenidge. I am a fashion design student at TMU. I welcome opportunities that inspire me to further explore my own identity as a Black woman with Ghanaian-Trinidadian roots. Through the aesthetic of Afrofuturism I create pieces that reflect a positive and bright future for all Black people. Afrofuturism to me is one way to connect the past to the future. The featured outfit is inspired by West African scarification practices. The intricate lines are meant to symbolize different tribal standings and are reflected in the pleating of the pants. My goal and intent is for my work to elevate Black women, boost their confidence and enhance their sense of pride.


Camilla Leonelli Calzado

Camilla Leonelli Calzado is narrative based textile designer and Fashion Masters Candidate.  Throughout her academic journey at Toronto Metropolitan, she immersed herself in the study of textiles, decolonization, sustainability, and material culture, aiming to unravel the intricate connections between fashion, social narratives, and identity

Her research has centered around her heritage, particularly exploring the historical dress practices of colonial Cuba and their profound impact on cultural narratives. As a recent graduate of the undergraduate fashion design program, she channeled her creativity and academic curiosity into thought-provoking designs that challenge stereotypes and celebrate diversity. Embracing her Black identity, Camilla seeks to make a difference by utilizing fashion as a powerful medium for social change. With a steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries and advocating for inclusivity, she is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact in the fashion industry through her unique perspectives and innovative creations.

Curtis Matysek

Curtis Matysek is a graduate of the Fashion Design program at Toronto Metropolitan University, and is a Fashion MA candidate . Their work is centered around corsetry, textile manipulation, queerness and the macabre. Curtis' graduate collection "A Horrific Exploration of the Queer Sublime"  sought out the feeling of the transcendent familiar. Chasing the fleeting moments of sublime through severe silhouette and textile manipulation, this art too wear collection is an ongoing project that is forever evolving. Curtis founded Wuthering Delight in 2021, their small business specializing in ready-to-wear corsetry and clubwear inspired by their runway pieces.

Delfina Russo

Delfina Russo is a recent graduate of the Fashion Design program at Toronto Metropolitan University, and specializes in both garment and jewelry design. Her creative exploration navigates themes of femininity, identity, and performativity. Delfina's body of work lives in the overlap of two opposing worlds. Understanding how those spaces contextualize and inform each other has been paramount to materializing her collection. Through the exploration of a tender, blistered, and congealed hyper-femininity, she interprets the tension between the internal surveying of the self and the external performance of identity. Delfina continues to further her research as a candidate of the Fashion MA Program at TMU. Through the creation of pieces that seek to hyperbolize, immortalize, and shroud, she explores how multifaceted performances of gender, identity, and value can exist in tangible material forms.

Jina Kim

Anticipated graduate of TMU in Fashion Design with a unique ability to create fluid designs, I am an expert in translating creative visions into innovative womenswear, menswear and eveningwear, bridging the gap between art and fashion. I am skilled in bespoke production, market research, and trend analysis and recognized for a keen eye and organizational finesse.

I am eager to contribute exceptional craftsmanship and creativity, seamlessly merging artistry and design in the fashion industry.


Joyin Rey

Joyin Rey is a never ending journey of exploration: questioning, challenging, and breaking down the limitations of ‘masculine’ standards. The brand captures the essence of femininity and poesy in its creations. Designs are deeply rooted from each story and its house code. Sending a compelling narrative for the audience to ponder and thus the collections are an extension of the story that is woven together.

Each collection preludes by a specific narrative called “The Story Telling”. This particular stage will be elaborated through various types of mediums. Aiming to synthesize young adults, POC, LGBTQIA+ into a community who appreciates the story and the pursuits that Joyin Rey has to offer. 

Portia Alight

Portia J. Alight is a second year fashion student at TMU. Formerly a ballerina in Toronto and Amsterdam, she decided to switch paths and express her creativity and passion through fashion.

She believes in celebrating our multifaceted personalities and expressing this through what we wear. Realizing the challenge of finding clothing uncompromising in quality and in fun yet elegant designs, she created her first collection "Sweet and Daring". Having fallen in love with fashion illustration, it is a dream come true for her to see her wearable art making its way around the world.

A fan of celebrating multifaceted personalities and cultivating multiple hobbies, you can catch her doing hip hop grooves, bartending, and globe-trotting (a great source of collection inspiration) in her spare time. 

Check out her newest collection "Peaceful Presents" at the FAT pop-up boutique, in store at Looks Kouture (Bloor Holt Renfrew Centre), or online at (external link) .


Precious Ayolade

Precious Ayolade is a 4th-year Fashion Design Student. As a black creative venturing into the fashion industry, she wants to create a safe space for BIPOC who are being turned away due to their background, culture, religion, or even body size. Through her designs, she wants to teach others to embrace their inner child, princess, prince, or just royalty, without the need for society to define who they are or should be. By helping others like her, she engages and assists those struggling to find their way and battling mental health issues.


Scarlet Dunlop

My name is Scarlet Dunlop and I am a transgender woman born and raised in southern Alberta. I am studying fashion design at Toronto Metropolitan University. Fashion has always been my outlet for me to express my sexual orientation and gender identity. I use fashion and art as a way to explore my negative emotions and turn my pain into something beautiful. I would define my design aesthetic as punk, dramatic, and sinister.


Shan Ali

Hi, I'm Shan Ali, a Pakistani-Canadian designer and I'm in my final year of University studying fashion design at TMU. Inspired by my Pakistani culture, I create unique fusion wear incorporating indigenous techniques, patterns, and textiles in my work with a Western twist. By using new technology such as 3D printing, UV dyeing, LEDs, and more in my work, I create unique hybrids with my Pakistani aesthetics. I design with a decolonizing perspective and wish to see more brown designers have a seat in this Anglo-American lead industry. 


Show Producer

Photo of Mic Carter
Mic Carter

Mic. Carter is a Toronto-based creative that through experimental design and stylization, has developed an interest in fusing social justice, futurity, abjection, and community with fashion. They are particularly invested in understanding how clothing can be used to embolden those on the slippages of cisgender heteronormativity and femme-phobia, primarily through ethnographic embodiment. L'Uomo Strano is the result of this, a brand invested in creating responsive beauty for the femme-identified, gender non-conformist's wardrobe.

Video Producer

Nathan Lau

Nathan Lau is a Toronto-based director & photographer. Graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University's Fashion program, Nathan made his way through various roles including styling, art direction, and cinematography, and now resides within creative direction and photography. Along with founding his production company & creative agency, Luno Blvd, Nathan has worked with several clients in the music industry including Sony, Universal, XO, Warner, Amazon Music and more. Striving to push the boundaries of his mediums, Nathan focuses on highlighting authenticity and the capturing of true self.