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Pictured is a student adjusting audio in an audio editing suite

Master of Arts in Media Production

The media landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate.  To succeed as creative producers we must connect, interact, inform, and entertain by combining new platforms and technologies with time proven storytelling techniques. We have the opportunity to innovate and advocate for change.  To inspire and learn. To take storytelling to the next level.

The Master of Arts in Media Production focuses on the creation and analysis of media projects with an emphasis on aesthetics, research, technology, and financing structures that underpin excellence in media. Students explore the creative, theoretical, economic, and cultural structures that influence how media is produced and disseminated. Projects created by the masters candidates may carve out a place for their creators in the evolving media landscape. Candidates in the Program may delve into research on broadcasting, new media, journalism, and digital communications in collaboration with the Rogers Communications Centre, a TMU University research centre.

“This master’s program gave me access to the creative resources, the right network and the education I need in order to become a successful producer.”

Marwa Siam-Abdou, MA student

This Program challenges students to explore traditional and innovative media forms, platforms and technologies to tell compelling stories and reach diverse audiences. Applicants bring strong creative, academic, and production expertise to the Program. Building on their creative ability, students leverage the resources available at Toronto Met and strategic ties with media companies beyond the University’s walls to develop compelling productions in a variety of media.

Students benefit from the expertise and passion of a diverse faculty from a broad range of disciplines.  The Masters of Arts in Media Production takes a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing radio, audio,  television, new media, communication and media theory, transmedia studies, and the business of media. 


Media Production MBA Pathway

The innovative study pathway will bring together the best of The Creative School's Master of Media Production (MA), and The Ted Rogers School of Management’s Master of Business Administration (MBA), opens in new window to prepare graduates with hybrid programming and combined skill sets, making them highly sought-after in the creative fields.

Students interested in obtaining an MBA along with an MA in Media Production will have the option of continuing their studies in the Ted Rogers School of Management. After completing the first two terms of the MA program, students in the integrated MBA option will continue their studies for an additional year to complete an MBA and a project focused on the business of media.

Our MA/MBA pathway will confer two graduate degrees in just 24 months. What a terrific opportunity!

Dr Laura Nenych, Professor Masters of Media of Arts in Media Production

TMU’s Media Production MBA Pathway takes a dual approach unlike any other Canadian institutional program or pathway offering a traditional MBA. The Media Production MBA Pathway also offers flexibility for students to take the Ted Rogers MBA portion part-time.

Students must meet the entrance requirements for both programs to be eligible for the Media Production MBA Pathway.  Interested students may indicate this preference in their statement of interest in their application to the Master of Media Production. All Master of Arts in Media Production students who start their program in the Fall will have the option of following the Media Production MBA Pathway by applying to the Ted Rogers MBA program for the following Spring term. For example: Incoming Fall 2021 MA in Media Production Students would apply to the MBA program for Spring 2022.