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CURTAS is the Course Union for RTA School of Media Students; representing students from Media Production, Sport Media and New Media at Toronto Metropolitan University. Their mission is to organize and oversee a variety of social and academic events to enhance student life, as well as to provide support and co-curricular opportunities for students. Some of the events and activities put on by CURTAS include Frosh week, the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party, RTA Winter Gala, karaoke nights, the TARA Awards after party, and many more!

For more information on CURTAS and their events, or to get involved, visit the RTA CURTAS (external link)  Instagram page. 

The School Council is made up of students and faculty. It is often an unseen entity, since it concerns itself with curriculum and not social activities. Many decisions are made by the Council concerning curriculum changes, evaluations and awards. Elections are held in September and there is one student representative for each year of RTA. Council student reps let the faculty know how things are going with the students--any issues, challenges, requests, etc with respect to curriculum, access to equipment, space, support, etc. School Council's vote is required for any changes to the RTA curriculum and significant RTA policies. In between meetings, School Council reps are expected to be in contact with their constituents to find out what's on their minds and what issues they want to have brought up at the next council meeting. It's also a rep's responsibility to report back to their constituents on what goes on at the meetings, what changes may be under consideration, etc. 

Inclusive Media Group

The RTA Inclusive Media Society is a group of students & faculty from the RTA School of Media at Toronto Metropolitan University who believe media should challenge stereotypes, not promote them. We're committed to diversity and inclusion in media, and are working to spread the word and create inclusive media.

If you are looking to get involved with the Inclusive Media Group, please contact

TorontoMet Student Groups

Toronto Metropolitan University has many active student groups on campus. Visit the Toronto Metropolitan Students' Union website to learn more. (external link)