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Creative Practice Hours

As per the University's Undergradute Calendar, under the 'Program Overview/Curriculum Information' section of each individual degree program page,

"[to] graduate from any of the RTA School of Media Undergraduate Programs, each student must complete a minimum of 60 hours of Creative Practice unpaid volunteer work in a qualifying RTA institution or project. This can be done at any time over the four years of the program."

Please refer to the list on this page of pre-approved media production and making opportunities that are available at RTA School of Media.

All projects must be registered and tracked through the RTA Creative Practice Hours Portal to qualify. 

The steps to complete a Creative Practice Hours project are as follows: 
-Make an arrangement with a project supervisor to work on a project. Ensure both you and the supervisor understand and agree to the type of work to be done, and the number of hours anticipated. 
-Before your work on a project, it must be registered in the Portal to gain approval from your Program Director and Project Supervisor.
-When you have received approval, the Portal will let you know that you're ready to work your hours. 
-Once all hours related to a project have been completed, you will login into the Portal and submit the number of hours you worked. Your Project Supervisor will approve them. Once they have, your completed hours will be tracked in your profile so you can check them at any time. 

Please refer to  (google slide) this brief "How-to" Guide (external link, opens in new window)  to learn how to use the Portal.

Note the following:

Access the portal by clicking a blue button labeled "RTA Creative Practice Hours Portal" on this page, or by clicking here

Please note: Media Production students are required to complete at least 50% of their Creative Practice Hours through internal involvement here in RTA. This may include supporting an upper year's practicum project, assisting on a peer's project, volunteering with the RTA School of Media in specific capacities, and working on various RTA opportunities and initiatives such as SpiritLive, TMU Bold Broadcast Group (formerly Rams Live) or Global​ Campus Studios. In all cases, the Creative Practice Hours cannot also be done for course credit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Program Director, Karen Sebesta (opens in new window) .

Pre-Approved Projects


• SpiritLive
• Met-TV (formerly RUTV)
• RTA Public Service
• TMU Bold Broadcast Group (formerly Rams Live)
• Global Campus Studios (not for course credit)
• Global Experiential Sport (GXS) Research Lab (not for course credit)
• TARAs (not for course credit)
• New Media Year End Show (META, NOVA, Odyssey; not for course credit)
• Production support for practicum projects
• Support for graduate productions
• Toronto Met Athletics production support volunteer work
• New Media/Makerspace support
• CJRU 1280AM Radio
• Dept. supported hackathons
• Other non-RTA volunteer production-related work as approved by program director/coordinator or chair.