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Photos by Drew Berry and Jeremy Mimnagh


Dance at The Creative School is the most intensive and comprehensive program of its kind in Canada, earning international respect within the industry.

As a student in this conservatory-style program, you'll receive rigorous training in multiple forms of dance, including ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, West African, street styles and partnering. To help you become a versatile performer and expand your professional opportunities, this core training is combined with classes in improvisation, composition, music, acting, film and other creative practices. With plenty of opportunities to collaborate and perform with highly acclaimed guest artists and arts organizations, you'll gain the experience necessary to build a successful career as a performer, choreographer, educator, and more.


Degree Earned

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Program Format

Full time / 4 years

Program Highlights

Attend daily dance classes as part of an intensive, conservatory-style curriculum.

Build professional connections by working with internationally-acclaimed guest artists and dance companies.

Train in a variety of genres, including ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, street styles, and West African dance.

Perform live in annual mainstage productions, studios shows, and choreographic workshops.

Courses & Curriculum

Throughout all four years of study, students in Dance receive intensive professional training, with daily dance classes in various forms including ballet, jazz, modern, street styles, West African, and contemporary dance. In first and second year, they're introduced to the fundamentals of dance performance while learning how to approach their work critically, develop entrepreneurial initiative, and find joy in the creative process.

In third and fourth year, students tailor their education to their career goals by taking professional and professionally-related electives. For example, they may choose to focus on business and marketing through courses in entrepreneurship, new venture startup and promotion. Electives are also available in more traditional performance areas like film acting, audition preparation, directing, and musical theatre — to name a few.

Required Courses

  • THF 120 Music I: Introduction
  • THF 121 Music I: Advanced Introduction
  • THF 111 Creative Performance Studies I
  • THF 112 Creative Performance Studies II
  • THF 100 Anatomy of Movement and Lifestyle I
  • THF 101 Elements of Production I
  • THF 200 Timelines of Performance History I
  • THF 201 Timelines of Performance History II

Liberal Studies

Required Group 1

Two courses from the following, based on student's program:

  • THD 100 Fundamentals of Tech I: Dance
  • THD 101 Fundamentals of Tech II: Dance

Required Courses

  • FPN 200 The Moving Image in Performance I
  • THF 230 Music II: Introduction to Singing
  • THF 231 Music II: Intermediate Singing
  • THF 221 Creative Performance Studies III
  • THF 222 Creative Performance Studies IV

Liberal Studies


Required Group 1

Three courses from the following:

  • THD 200* Intermediary Tech I: Dance
  • THD 201* Intermediary Tech II: Dance
  • THF 404 Landmarks of Choreographic Development

Required Courses

  • THF 331 Creative Performance Studies V
  • THF 332 Creative Performance Studies VI
  • THP 500 Conceiving the Production

Liberal Studies



Required Group 1

Three courses from the following:

  • THD 300 Performance Tech I: Dance
  • THD 301 Performance Tech II: Dance

Required Courses

  • THF 400 Creative Performance Studies VII
  • THF 401 Independent Study Seminars

Liberal Studies



Required Group 1

Two courses from the following:

  • THD 400 Advanced Performance Tech I: Dance
  • THD 401 Advanced Performance Tech II: Dance


Admission Requirements


Academic Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with a minimum of six Grade 12 U or M courses including the following program specific requirements.

Typically, a minimum overall average of 70% establishes eligibility for admission consideration; subject to competition individual programs may require higher prerequisite grades and/or higher overall averages:

  • English/anglais (ENG 4U/EAE 4U preferred).
  • The minimum grade required in the subject prerequisite (normally in the 65-70% range) will be determined subject to competition.

Academic admission requirements for all other applicants are available at:
Admission Requirements.


In-person auditions will commence in February 2023. The Performance Dance program will contact you via email with an invitation to sign up for an audition date after you have applied to the program.

Please ensure you have paid the $50 assessment fee online prior to attending your audition. This fee is in addition to your application fee. You will not be able to proceed with the audition if the fee is unpaid. Please see the Assessment Fee tab below for instructions on how to pay.

Please read the instructions carefully. Incomplete packages will not be assessed. You are required to bring the following with you to your audition (do not submit prior):

  1. Photograph: Bring a recent photograph of yourself with your name, TMU Student Number and audition date printed on the back.
  2. Resumé: Prepare a current resumé/curriculum vitae highlighting your dance training. Be sure to include the names and addresses of your dance schools and the names of your dance teachers.
  3. Reference Letters: Two reference letters are a requirement for admission consideration. The reference letters should be from dance instructors, either from your high school or your dance studios.
    • Note: The School of Performance will not return submitted materials. It is recommended that you submit copies rather than originals.
Dress Code for In-Person Auditions

Please wear tights, leotard/fitted T-shirt and ballet slippers for ballet. Form-fitting clothing is required for jazz and modern/contemporary. If you have jazz shoes, feel free to bring them. You may also be asked to work in bare feet. Hair must be up and off your face.

Expectations for the In-Person Auditions

Be prepared for:

  • 45-minute ballet class
  • 30-minute jazz class
  • 30-minute modern/contemporary class
  • Solo component

Solo Component: You may be asked to perform a solo as part of the audition process. Please prepare a one-minute solo in the dance form of your choice. Faculty would prefer to see contemporary movement in the solo, if possible (no pointe work). Please ensure your music source is reliable.

Important Notes
  • All candidates must have some prior training in at least one of the following disciplines:  Ballet, Modern, Jazz or Contemporary Dance
  • All candidates will audition in the presence of other candidates taking part in the session as well as the audition panel
  • All candidates must commit several hours to the audition process

In order to submit your non-academic requirements online, you are required to email first. The required items will then be added to your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal allowing you to submit. You must submit all components (including the audition) via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal if selecting this option. See the Submission Instructions tab below. 

These requirements are due by February 1, 2023 or 10 business days from your application submission date, whichever comes later. We therefore ask that you send the above email well in advance of this date.

Assessment Fee

Please ensure you pay the $50 assessment fee online, along with uploading your non-academic requirements. This fee is in addition to your application fee. Your submission will not be assessed if the fee is unpaid. Please see the Assessment Fee tab below for instructions on how to pay.

Materials for Online Auditions

The faculty will assess your performance based on the materials that you include. With this in mind, we encourage you to present your best self in your audition material.

1) Photograph

Submit a recent photograph of yourself.

Please save the image as a .pdf file and upload this via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal.

2) Resumé

Prepare a current resumé/curriculum vitae highlighting your dance training. Be sure to include the names and addresses of your dance schools and the names of your dance teachers.

Please save your resumé as a .pdf file and upload this via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal.

3) Two Reference Letters

Two reference letters are a requirement for admission consideration. The reference letters should be from dance instructors, either from your high school or your dance studios. 

Please upload your reference letters via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal.

4) Audition

Please provide a YouTube or Vimeo link to your audition video in a .pdf document  and upload this file following the Submission Instructions below. Make the link public OR be sure to include the password in your .pdf file. Confirm that your link works and will not expire.

At the beginning of your video, state your name, where you are from, your age and height. Tell us why you are auditioning for TMU’s School of Performance: Dance Program.

Part I - Ballet

Dress Code: Tights, leotard/fitted T-shirt and ballet slippers, hair off your face 

Required Elements: Please refer to the table below.

A) Barre Work (10 minutes maximum) B) Centre Work(10 minutes maximum) * everything both sides
  1. Plié (one side)
  2. Battement tendu (one side)
  3. Battement glissé/dégagé (one side)
  4. Développé (both sides)
  5. Grand battements (both sides)
  1. Adage
  2. Pirouettes (en-dehors and en-dedans)
  3. Petit allegro
  4. Grand allegro
  5. Moving combination that illustrates your physicality and artistry

Part II - Modern/Contemporary/Jazz Sequences

Dress Code: Form-fitting dance clothing. Hair must be up and off your face.

Required Elements:

  1. Simple phrase showing torso articulation (e.g. side curve, forward curve, spirals, high release/lift)
  2. Short floor work phrase highlighting your flexibility and including rolls and level changes
  3. Short phrase highlighting use of isolations, musicality and movement with rhythmicity

Part III - Choreographed Solos

Please include two (2), one-minute combinations or choreographed solos of contrasting styles in jazz, modern/contemporary and/or any other discipline of dance you have studied. The panel is looking for the following in your online audition:

  • Alignment and posture
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Clarity and articulation
  • Coordination and agility
  • Stability, balance, and control
  • Strength and power
  • Projection and presentation
  • Musicality and phrasing
  • Expression and performance quality
  • Efficiency and freedom of movement
  • Flow/fluidity/transition in movement
  • Use of turnout
  • Use of breath
  • Rhythm
  • Groundedness/earthiness
  • Nuance and sensitivity
  • Use of dynamics

Showcase your technique, movement and performance qualities, artistry, passion, and versatility.

Important Notes
  •  All candidates must have some prior training in at least one of the following disciplines:  Ballet, Modern, Jazz or Contemporary Dance
  •  Applications will not be considered if incomplete or the video link provided does not work

The non-academic requirements assessment fee is $50 CDN and must be paid in order for your submission to be reviewed. Here’s how to pay:

  1. Access your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal account (instructions to access the portal can be found below under Submission Instructions).

  2. Click on the button to link to the eForms Centre.

    eForms Centre button highlighted in the applicant portal account
  3. Next, click on the eForms Centre tile.

    eForms Center tile indicated at bottom-left corner of Student Homepage
  4. Then click on the Non-Academic Fee Form link.

    Non-Academic Fee Form indicated on left navigation of eForms Center page

Applicants are required to submit all components of their non-academic requirements via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal. Due to the volume of applications received and our system performance, we strongly encourage you to submit your documents well in advance of the noted deadlines.

Admission decisions are provided via the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal. The selection committee’s decision on admission is final. Unfortunately, re-evaluation/reassessment of the non-academic requirements or individual feedback will not be available. 

Here’s how to access your ChooseTMU Applicant Portal account:

  1. Get your TMU Student Number in the email acknowledgement of your application
  2. Activate your TMU Online Identity. Fill in the Activation Form on the Accounts website. When asked for your Student/Applicant ID, enter your nine-digit TMU Student Number. Keep a record of your user name and password
  3. 24 hours after activating your TMU Online Identity, visit the ChooseTMU Applicant Portal

Instructions on how to upload documents, as well as common questions and answers, can be found on our Ready to Submit Your Documents? web page.

If you are applying for readmission or reinstatement, you may not be required to submit non-academic requirements. You must inform Undergraduate Admissions of your intentions.

 Contact ServiceHub at 416-979-5036 by and ask to speak with the admissions officer by February 1, 2023, or 10 business days from your application submission date (whichever comes later).


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