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An innovative and expansive writing program

The global demand for storytelling has never been greater. So too is the need for a graduate program that fosters and strengthens diversity in creative voices and blends scholarly and applied approaches to mainstream and alternative storytelling platforms.


Students in the MFA Scriptwriting & Story Design program are exposed to new forms of storytelling and are encouraged to explore the possibilities of emerging technology. Students learn to develop powerful stories, designed for maximum impact.

The foundation of all good media is a good script

The goal for today’s writers is to tell their stories in the medium that will best allow them to express their creativity and captivate audiences. This uniquely interdisciplinary program will allow you to master the art of script-based creative writing for stage, screen and cutting-edge media platforms. Take foundational writing courses and then advance your skills through the study and practice of 21st century digital linear and non-linear storytelling designs. Each MFA student's final thesis project will be the completion of a full script for a feature film, a stage play, a television script, or other script-based media composition.

Access a Dynamic Creative Ecosystem

There is a growing need and opportunity for writers who create work across media.


Take full advantage of the MFA program's interdisciplinary nature by exploring the range of knowledge and resources offered by the foundational schools of Image Arts, Performance and RTA School of Media.

Access complementary resources and opportunities within The Creative School’s creative ecosystem. This includes professional and scholarly experts, state-of-the-art labs and studios, future-driven projects, industry partnerships, international network, incubator-style zones and creative technology to reimagine creativity and develop your own authentic voice.

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