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Media Production

Media Production

The BA in Media Production is a comprehensive program in the art, craft and business of media.

Media Production at The Creative School trains future media leaders to succeed in a competitive marketplace. As a student in Media Production, you’ll work with professional-grade equipment and build the creative and technical skills necessary to create exceptional content across platforms. Over the course of your degree, you’ll become a strong, effective storyteller who knows how to connect and engage with audiences.

Why Media Production?

Hands-on Learning + Industry Experience

Graduate with industry experience and connections by completing a fourth-year internship, taking advantage of professional development opportunities, and attending networking events.

Flexible Career Options

Prepare for a successful career in multiple fields, including:

  • Production for Broadcast & Streaming
  • Television & Video Production
  • Music & Audio Production
  • Business & Marketing
  • Content Creation & Social Media
  • Motion Graphics & Special Effects
  • Video Game Design
  • Screenwriting


Through concentrations, you can focus your education and advance your knowledge in a particular area of interest. Although they are entirely optional, to be noted on the academic transcript, students must formally declare and complete them before graduation. It's important to note that courses used to fulfil the requirements of a concentration can't be used to fulfil the requirements of a minor. While multiple concentrations can be declared, each class can only apply to one concentration.

Students will complete RTA 101, plus five (5) of the following:

  • RTA 220 New Media Art History
  • RTA 323 Contemporary Strategies in New Media
  • RTA 903 News and Current Affairs Theory
  • RTA 938 Digital Popular Cultures
  • RTA 939 Indigenous Media
  • RTA 940 Canadian Televisual Studies
  • RTA 946 Issues in New Media Theory/History

Students will complete six (6) of the following:

  • RTA 221 Experiential Media/Interdisciplinary Practice
  • RTA 222 Intro to Computational Arts
  • RTA 223 Designing Material Experiences
  • RTA 317 Media For Participatory Audiences
  • RTA 320 Interactive Storytelling
  • RTA 321 Intro to Tangible Media
  • RTA 832 Cybernetics and Body Centric Technologies
  • RTA 838 Generative Processes
  • RTA 842 Data as Material
  • RTA 925 Making Objects
  • RTA 928 Introduction to Game Design
  • RTA 929 Multi-platform Narrative
  • RTA 930 Social Practices in Hybrid Media Spaces
  • RTA 933 Hacking, DIY and Open Source Studio
  • RTA 934 Virtual Identities and Communities
  • RTA 948 Interactive Spaces
  • RTA 953 Mobility and Mixed Reality
  • RTA 954 Empathy Machines
  • RTA 958 Networked Art
  • RTA 961 2-D and Object Animation
  • RTA 962 Interaction Design
  • RTA 963 Web Design
  • RTA 965 Advanced New Media Topics
  • RTA 967 Interactivity and Networking
  • RTA 968 Emerging New Media Practices
  • RTA 975 Video Compositing and Special Effects
  • RTA 982 Advanced Digital Media Production

Students will complete six (6) of the following:

*RTA 912 is only available as a core elective in the concentration in Media Business for students admitted Fall 2017 and before.


Students will complete RTA 311, plus five (5) of the following:

  • RTA 837 Live Audio Production
  • RTA 854 Live Radio Broadcasting
  • RTA 858 Advanced Audio: Music Production
  • RTA 864 Advanced Audio: Immersive and Interactive Sound
  • RTA 905 History and Culture of Popular Music
  • RTA 907 Sound Media
  • RTA 921 Advanced Audio Theory
  • RTA 971 Audio Post Production and Sound Design
  • RTA 972 Sound Synthesis
  • RTA 974 Radio Broadcasting
  • RTA 985 Advanced Audio: Sound for Video
  • RTA 996 Beyond the Radio Format

Students will complete RTA 212 , plus five (5) of the following:

Students will complete six (6) of the following:

  • RTA 521 Media for Social Change
  • RTA 902 Social Media
  • RTA 917 Public Relations
  • RTA 930 Social Practices in Hybrid Media Spaces
  • RTA 933 Hacking, DIY and Open Source Studio
  • RTA 934 Virtual Identities and Communities
  • RTA 967 Interactivity and Networking

Students will complete either RTA 313 or RTA 314*, plus four (4) of the following:

* RTA 313 and RTA 314 have a GPA weight of 2.00 and a course count of 2.00.
** RTA 912 is only available as a core elective in the Television and Video Concentration for students admitted Fall 2017 and before.

Details to be announced.

Creative Spaces & Professional-grade Technology

The Creative School is home to several workshops, studios, labs, and zones, which provide spaces to build and create, opportunities to brainstorm, and support for kickstarting projects. Get your hands dirty, learn technical skills, and make something great.

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