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Make the Future

The Innovation Studio connects emerging and established makers, artists, technologists, entrepreneurs, researchers and academics, in a collaborative community devoted to creative exploration, cross-disciplinary innovation, and creative excellence.

Home to four incubators serving the creative industries (the Zones).

Our Programs

Design Fabrication Zone

Known for helping startups and project teams apply best practices in design, the Design Fabrication Zone strategically propels early-stage inventions, businesses and installations through the stages from concept to prototype and mass manufacturing.

Fashion Zone

As Canada's fastest-growing incubator for fashion-inspired businesses, the Fashion Zone empowers creators who are redefining fashion; entrepreneurs and innovators who seek to create experiences that move people to feel something different, something fresh, something new.

Music Den

The Music Den develops economic, artistic and social opportunities for entrepreneurs in music, helping startups design sustainable long term strategies while giving them access to educational workshops, coworking space, studios and equipment, showcase opportunities, and a unique network of students, entrepreneurs and industry professionals. 

Transmedia Zone

The future of storytelling is here. At the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and technology, the Transmedia Zone is an incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in media and storytelling, with a focus on creative excellence, and emerging platforms, trends and processes.

Areas of Incubation

Devoted to innovation in storytelling, music, fashion, design, and maker culture, The Studio supports forward-looking creators leveraging new technologies and working within and across media, to develop new ways of engaging with audiences and customers, and advance the cultural sector through the convergence of diverse creative practices.

Advanced Fabrication

Content Creation and Management

Immersive Environments

Retail and Retail Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Experiential Innovation

Media Storytelling

Robotics and Automation

Audience Engagement

Fashion Products and Accessories

Music Publishing

Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality

Innovation Ecosystem

The Studio is part of a dynamic ecosystem of innovators, creators, and researchers. This additional connection allows our members to access cutting-edge technologies and resources for creative businesses.

Design + Technology Lab

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The Design + Technology Lab is an advanced technology-based workshop that supports creative research, specialized curriculum, and entrepreneurship activities across all nine Creative School programs and Zones.

The Catalyst

The Catalyst is the first large-scale space dedicated to scholarly, research, and creative (SRC) activities within The Creative School. The Catalyst brings brilliant minds together from across the creative industries to explore, innovate, and impact the world we live in.

Zone Learning

Zone Learning is for anyone who wants to get practical experience in what it takes to build an initiative/venture from the ground-up. You can initiate your own projects or contribute to existing ventures involving faculty, business and community partners.

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