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Build Your Ideas

The Design Fabrication Zone is an interdisciplinary hub for design and fabrication that strategically propels early-stage ideas for inventions, businesses and installations along the continuum from design to prototype to mass manufacturing.

Join the Community

Members of the DFZ become part of a growing community of designers, makers and entrepreneurs who share a common goal to improve the world through design and fabrication innovation. 

With access to fabrication space and equipment, members of the DFZ are able to conduct hands-on experimentation and prototyping at various levels from preliminary to advanced. 

In addition to space and equipment, the DFZ provides its members with mentors to advance their design/fabrication projects through technical and entrepreneurial advice and assistance.

Pictured: Rosor, Start-Up Track
Schematics: Taiga, Start-up Track, external link

Who is the DFZ?

Everyone keeps asking "Who is the DFZ? What happens here? Who do you work with? How can I get involved?" so we threw together a quick Q&A to cover all the bases! More questions? Shoot us an email at OR follow us on IG @designfabricationzone

Our Mission:

To strategically propel early-stage inventions, businesses and installations through the stages from concept to prototype and mass manufacturing.

Our Vision:

To help startups and project teams apply best practices in design.

Downtown Toronto.

We’re right where all the action is. The strength of the city's design and technology ecosystems are fuelled by globally-connected advisors and a unique set of support programs that foster innovation and collaboration.

Pictured on Left: Tiny Mile, Start-Up Track
, external link
Pictured on Right: SugaCayne Designs, Experimental Track, external link

Word on the Street at the DFZ