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Become a Member and Incubate Your Work

Membership Tracks

Start-Up Track

The Start-Up Track supports entrepreneurs who address problems in various industries and fields by incubating early-stage ventures as they begin their journey toward commercialization. 

Pictured: Tiny Mile Robots

Experimental Track

The Experimental Track enables emerging artists and designers to pursue built projects and installations that engage, provoke and inspire.

Pictured: Nicnac

DFZ Members SugaCayne
Associate Program - Working with Students

As a Member in either track you have the opportunity to work with students through work placements to support you and/or your team, as a mentor or through guest appearances at one of the DFZ's ongoing workshop and clubs.

Interested Students  can join existing teams on a startup or an experimental project and gain experience working in an entrepreneurial environment.

If you are a current student at this university, fill out the application for Associate Member, indicate your areas of interest, and attach a resumé. Our Start-up Experience Coordinator will then reach out to take you through the rest of the process and match you with a company in the Startup Stream or a project in the Experimental Stream, depending on your interest and skills.

Current Members


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