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Become a Member and Incubate Your Work

We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis. 

Become a Member and Incubate Your Work

The Design Fabrication Zone accepts new membership applications on a continuous basis. We screen new applications bi-monthly during the months of January, March, May, July, September and November.

After undergoing a preliminary screening process, successful membership applications will be invited to partake in an interview with the Design Fabrication Zone Admissions team. This application process takes approximately 1 month from application to on-boarding.

Curious if the DFZ is the right fit for your project? Attend our optional Information Sessions!
The Design Fabrication Zone holds General Information Sessions for prospective members or curious members of the public to further inquire about our Zone offerings. If you'd like to discuss your project idea, inquire about the DFZ's programming or ask any other questions, you can join us for a casual conversation via Zoom. To register for an Information Session, see our Contact page.

Who is the DFZ?

Everyone keeps asking "Who is the DFZ? What happens here? Who do you work with? How can I get involved?" so we threw together a quick Q&A to cover all the bases! More questions? Shoot us an email at OR follow us on IG @designfabricationzone

Membership Tracks

Start-Up Track

The Start-Up Track supports entrepreneurs who address problems in various industries and fields by incubating early-stage ventures as they begin their journey toward commercialization. 

Pictured: Tiny Mile Robots

Experimental Track

The Experimental Track enables emerging artists and designers to pursue built projects and installations that engage, provoke and inspire.

Pictured: Nicnac


DFZ Members SugaCayne
Associate Program - Working with Students

As a Member in either track you have the opportunity to work with students through work placements to support you and/or your team, as a mentor or through guest appearances at one of the DFZ's ongoing workshop and clubs.

Interested Students  can join existing teams on a startup or an experimental project and gain experience working in an entrepreneurial environment.

If you are a current student at this university, fill out the application for Associate Member, indicate your areas of interest, and attach a resumé. Our Start-up Experience Coordinator will then reach out to take you through the rest of the process and match you with a company in the Startup Stream or a project in the Experimental Stream, depending on your interest and skills.

Current Members


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