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The future of storytelling is here.

Home to storytellers, creators, artists, and innovators.

The Transmedia Zone is a community focused incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in storytelling across entertainment media platforms. We support exceptional projects that push the boundaries of what exists.

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A space for storytelling innovators.

The TZ supports storytellers, creators, artists and innovators with a strong, unique and authentic point of view, and a clear mission and desire to develop new and exciting media experiences.

At TZ, innovation takes many forms, and in our context it can mean:

Startup Projects at TZ

Using new platforms

Teams at the TZ

Remixing or reimagining traditional storytelling formats

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Reaching new audiences

Creating new platforms to support storytelling

Our community is creative.

Our mantra is collaboration. The Transmedia Zone is the best place for storytellers and the media community to come together, grow, and advance Canadian media innovation.

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