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Academics for Continuing Education

For full details on the Academics section of MyServiceHub, please visit the main Academics page.

The Academics section has four quick-links that take you to the most commonly used academic activities:


Use the Search option to search for classes. Using this link, you can search for and select classes to add to your Shopping Cart. The Search for Classes button on the right links to the same page.


Use the Enrol option to enrol in classes and drop classes and swap one class for another. 

My Academics

To go to the My Academics page where you will find more links that you can use to view your academic record. These are described in more detail in the My Academics section.


Use Grades/Standing to view your grades standing and term GPA on the same page.

How-To Tutorials:

The My Academics tab has four quick-links:

View My Transfer Credit Report: to view a report showing the status of all your courses submitted for transfer credit evaluation.

View My Course History: to view the history of all the courses that you have completed along with your grade, their GPA weight and current status.

 There is no available tutorial for How to View My Course History at this time.

View My Unofficial Transcript: to view an unofficial transcript that shows all the courses studied at TMU as well as any transfer credits granted for courses taken at other institutions and that have been applied towards your program of study.

Apply for Graduation: to apply to graduate.

More How-To Tutorials: