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How to Drop a Class

This tutorial is for Continuing Education students.

For Undergraduate and Graduate student tutorials, please refer to the main Academics page.

If you need to drop a class, you can do this from the Enrol/Drop/Swap link in the Academics section or your home page.

  1. Click the Enrol/Drop/Swap link.

    'Enrol/Drop/Swap' link highlighted in Academics section Student Center homepage
  2. Click the Drop tab. Select the appropriate term and then click Continue.

    This shows the classes that you are currently enrolled in. You can select classes to be dropped by clicking the check-box to the left of the class.

    Drop Classes section with list of terms to select from and 'Continue' button highlighted
  3. Click the check-box beside the class or classes to be dropped. Then click the Drop Selected Classes button.

    This shows the classes that you have selected to be dropped so that you can confirm that you have selected the right class to be dropped.

    Checklist of classes to drop in Winter term and the 'Drop Selected Classes' button highlighted
  4. Confirm that you have selected the correct classes to be dropped by clicking OK.

    Message instructing user to click 'OK' button to confirm correct selection of classes to be dropped
  5. Click Finish Dropping.

    'Confirm your selection' page with listing of class to be dropped and the 'Finish Dropping' button highlighted

    Your submission has been evaluated and the result is shown in the Message column.

    Results of Drop Class request, 'Success: This class has been removed from your schedule.''

There are two types of messages that you might receive:

Message Status
Success - You have dropped the class with no problems
Error - A potential problem has been found that has stopped you from dropping the class  or 

Click the My Class Schedule button to see the effects of dropping the class on your class schedule.