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Academics for Admins

The Academics tab shows the program history, enrolment history, statistics and schedules for the student.

Please note that this Academics tab is different from the Academics section in the Student Center

Admin Center's Academics tab with Academic History button


The Institution/Career/Program section of the Admissions tab shows a summary of the student’s academics.

The Academic History button lets you view and print a transcript of the student’s academic history.

Term Summary

The Term Summary section shows the level or load, classes the student is enrolled in and Statistics for the selected term. You can use this to see if the student is eligible to enrol.

Term Summary section of Academics tab with Quick Enrolment link

The Quick Enrolment link is used to:

  • Enrol students in classes
  • Override the requirements that are preventing the student from enrolling
  • Drop classes that the student is enrolled in
  • Swap a class that the student is enrolled in for another class

Your job description will determine if you have access to Quick Enrolment.

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