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How to Inquire on a Student Account

The following content is for administrative staff using MyServiceHub.

If you are a student seeking help with your MyServiceHub account, please visit the Student Tutorials section.

You can inquire on a Student’s account from the Student Fees section of the Student Center.
Account Inquiry link in Student Fees section

  1. Click the Account Inquiry link.
    Account Summary page with links to Academic Information and Account Details per term

The Account Details link beside each term shows the details of the fees for the term and how the payments have been applied.

The Academic Information link shows the courses that the student has enrolled in.

To see the fees for all years when a fee was charged or a payment made, click the View All link.

  1. Click the Account Details link beside the term for which you want to see the details.
    Account Details page with option to View All fees

Here you will find all the payments and fees for the selected term. Each payment or fee has two lines in the balance column:

  • The first line is the amount of the payment/fee
  • The second is the unapplied or outstanding amount. Payments are applied to fees in order of their due date

For example, you might see the following:

Class Item Status Last Activity Date Balance
Payment Cash S2008

Athletics W2009

Late Fee F2007


In this case:

  • $12.30 of the $83.19 payment was applied to the athletic fee
  • the remaining 70.89 was applied to the Late Fee, leaving an outstanding balance of $29.11

To see all the fees and payments, click the View All link.

  1. Click the Return link to go back to the Account Summary.
  2. Click the Academic Information link.

Academic Information page with link to student's term Enrolment summary

Here you will find a list of terms for which the student has enrolled in classes.

To see all the terms, click the View All link.

  1. Click the Enrolment link beside the term for which you want to see the enrolled courses.
    Enrolment Summary page with Return link in bottom left corner
  2. Click the Return links until you return to the Account Summary.

To see all the classes, click the View All link.

If your job description allows, you may also be able to the Payments and Charges Due tabs.