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Account Holds

When fees are 31 days past due, an account hold is applied to your MyServiceHub student account. Having a hold in your account restricts access to specific university services like enrolling in courses, viewing your grades or receiving your award document. The services that are withheld depend on the type of hold.

How to View Account Holds on Your Account

  1. If you have an account hold, a red circle will appear on the top of your Student Centre in MyServiceHub. It will also appear in the Holds section on the right-hand side.

    A red warning circle at the top of the Student Center indicates that there is a hold in the Holds section to the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Click the Details link in the Holds section to review more information about your hold. These details include the TMU services that are impacted and who you can contact to resolve the hold.

Types of Account Holds

Account holds can be applied to your MyServiceHub account for a variety of reasons. Please review the table below for descriptions and contact information. Hold details and impacts can be confirmed on your MyServiceHub account.

Hold Type




Applied when fees are 31 days past due.

Additional holds and impacts are applied the longer fees are overdue.

Collections to discuss payment options.

ServiceHub to discuss charges on the account.

Departmental Withhold

Resulting from outstanding fees related to a department or service on campus. This includes academic departments, athletics, library, medical centre, and media services.

Department associated with the hold.

Disciplinary, Academic Integrity 

Related to a case or workshop being supported by the Academic Integrity Office (AIO).

Academic Integrity Office

Exceed Timespan

Maximum time allowed to complete a program has been exceeded.

Academic Program Department

No Refund

Indicates that a refund of fees cannot be requested.



Related to an interaction with Community Safety and Security. 

Campus Security

Student Care, Student Conduct

Related to a case being supported by Student Care.

Student Care