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Service Fee Form Guide

This electronic form will be used by students to submit payment(s) for the selected service. Services must first be requested via the appropriate methods prior to submitting payment on this form. Note that submitting payment via this form is not considered a request for service.

Only one fee can be submitted per form submission. If you are paying for multiple requests or services, you will need to submit the form multiple times.

Refer to the applicable website for additional information on the service(s) and instructions on how to request.

  1. Access the form on MyServiceHub.

    Log in to (opens in new window)  and select the MyServiceHub tab. If you’re a former student and no longer have access to MyServiceHub, you can recover your password via or contact the CCS Help Desk for assistance.

    From the Student Homepage in MyServiceHub, select eForms Center.

    Student Homepage in RAMSS with eForms Centre tile highlighted.
  2. Along the left side column, the option entitled Service Fee Form is the desired selection.

    TMU eForms Center section in MyServicehub with Service Fee Form option highlighted.
  3. Using the *Description drop-down menu, select the desired service fee (the rest of this guide will use the Award Document Amendment service fee as an example).

    Upon selecting a service type, a brief set of instructions for each service will be provided in the Instructions box below. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully.

    Service Fee Payment Form and Description drop-down menu options
  4. Once a selection has been made, the Item Amount and Item Description fields will populate with the appropriate information. Please select Proceed to move onto the payment process if the selection is correct.

    Service Fee Payment Form with completed Description, Item Amount and Insturctions sections
  5. You will be led to the GT Make Payment screen. Once you are ready with your payment, select Pay Now.

    GT Make Payment screen and Pay Now button.
  6. After selecting Pay Now, a pop-up window will appear. If it does not, check the pop-up blockers on your web browser.

    Enter your credit card information, and select Submit.

    Payment pop-up with credit card information and Submit button.
  7. Once payment is complete you will be returned to the eForm page and the Message box below should indicate “Payment Received”.

    Service Fee Payment Form Results page with "Payment Recevied" appearing in Message box

    You may also verify that the transaction was successfully completed by reviewing your Account Inquiry screen in MyServiceHub where the fee will show accordingly:

    Account Inquiry section in RAMSS displaying details of a successful transaction

    Please keep in mind that payments are not reflected on student accounts until the following business day.