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GPA Calculation

A student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated as follows:

  • Course Grade Points Achieved: Multiply the grade points for the grade achieved by the course weight
  • Total Grade Points Achieve: Sum the Course Grade Points Achieved
  • Total Course Weights: Sum of the course weights for each course taken
  • GPA: Divide the Total Grade Points Achieved by the Total Course Weights

Only the most recent attempt of a repeated course is included in the above calculations.

  • The grade earned for a repeated course is used for calculating Grade Point Averages, even if it is lower than the original grade.
  • Both attempts at the course are re corded on the student's transcript.

There are three types of GPA calculation used at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU):

  1. Term Grade Point Average
  2. Cumulative Grade Point Average
  3. Program Grade Point Average

These are all similar, but each is calculated using different course information and used for different purposes.

For more details, please visit the Transcript Legend page.