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PhD student studying Supply Chain Management wins award

February 14, 2023
Atiyeh Monfared, wearing a black blazer and a white blouse, posing in front of greenery behind her

Atiyeh Monfared, PhD student in Management 

Congratulations to second year PhD student, Atiyeh Monfared, for winning the Supply Chain Management Association of Ontario Award. 

Before beginning her studies in Supply Chain Management, Monfared had 12 years of experience in Information Technology, and a previous background in Industrial Engineering. She decided to pursue her PhD in management to complement the experience she had and to create a segue into other potential fields, as a researcher.

Monfared applied for the award after seeing it in an email from her program. During the application process, she was asked to provide supplementary documents about her research and past work. She saw it as an opportunity to have her work evaluated by others who work in her area of study, and when she won the award, found it even more rewarding. “Seeing that they found my research valuable, means a lot to me,” she said . “It gives me confidence and motivation to move forward.” 

The award will allow her to go to conferences, take courses that may not be covered otherwise by the program, and tackle expenses related to her research. “It creates peace of mind,” said Monfared.  

When asked if she had advice for other students applying for awards, Monfared said her biggest tip would be to keep all documents and previous work organized, so when the opportunity presents itself, students will be ready. “Being prepared in advance and having all the documents ready is very important,” she said. “Keep your eyes out for these opportunities. Pay attention and be careful that you don't miss them,” she said.