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Quality Assurance

Toronto Metropolitan University is committed to offering undergraduate and graduate programs of the highest quality and has embraced the Quality Assurance Framework of the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance (the Quality Council). The Quality Council was established in 2010 and provides independent monitoring of quality assurance of university undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Every publicly funded university in Ontario is obligated to ensure the quality of its programs and is responsible for doing so in accordance with an approved Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) that conforms to the Quality Assurance Framework established by the Quality Council. 

The Quality Assurance Framework provides established protocols for: 

  • New programs
  • Cyclical program reviews
  • Substantive changes to existing programs

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The Quality Council’s evaluation criteria aims to ensure:

  • Alignment of programs with mission and academic plan
  • Undergraduate and graduate degree level expectations are (learning outcomes) articulated clearly
  • Appropriate degree nomenclature

Degree level expectations identify the knowledge, skills and competencies graduates are expected to demonstrate and are a fundamental component of the Quality Assurance framework. The Degree Level Expectations now serve as Ontario’s academic standards for undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The Ted Rogers School of Management has been developing assurance of learning protocols since 2008. Driven by our mission statement we have clearly articulated learning goals for TRSM students. TSRM will continue to refine its assurance of learning process with the active engagement of faculty members and academic leaders in discussions on pedagogy, resource allocation, and curriculum design. Over the coming month we will be working with departments and Schools of TRSM to adapt the degree level expectations in terms that are appropriate to our academic programs.

For more information about the Quality Assurance Framework and the Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) at Toronto Metropolitan University please visit Curriculum Quality Assurance

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