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Events & opportunities

No-show policy  

With over 12,000+ Ted Rogers School students, we want to ensure that when you sign-up for an event, you are 100% committed to attending otherwise you are taking away a spot from another student. If you are no longer able to attend, cancel your ticket in advance through the confirmation email you received to avoid being put on the no-show list. You can search 'Ted Rogers School Notifications' in your inbox to retrieve this email.

If you do not attend three total events that you signed up for without canceling at least 24 hours in advance, this is called the 3-strike policy (opens in new window)  and you will no longer be able to attend our future events until you meet with our management team.

TRSM all-in-one student events calendar 

Use the interactive Tableau calendar below to view all TRSM events for undergraduate students by clicking on the date and then scrolling to the bottom of the calendar. At the bottom of the calendar, you'll see all the events happening that day and you can click on the event name to take you to the registration page. If the date is a coloured box it means that there are events you can register for on that date. You can use the List View and Calendar view to toggle between what your preference is.

How do I use the filters?

You can also use the filters at the top such as "Type" to narrow down your search by event category which includes Academic, Professional, and Social. Use the "Group" filter to narrow down by event organizer/department. So if you're looking for careers and co-op specific events, filter down to Business Career Hub (BCH), if you're a first-year student select Fit for Business (FFB), and if you're looking for academic student advising sessions, select Program Advising and Student Success (PASS).

If you are a TRSM staff, to ensure your event shows up on this calendar, please follow the  (google doc) Blackthorn event format guide (external link, opens in new window) . If you are a student group within TRSM, follow the  (google doc) mandatory event creation steps for TRSM student groups (external link, opens in new window) .

Other events and opportunities

TRMC Conference
Conferences and competitions

At the Ted Rogers School (TRSM), the student groups, professors, and deans office actively and enthusiastically support students in their participation in a variety of student competitions. 


The Ted Rogers Students' Society (TRSS) provides funding

Student Learning Centre

Discover unique opportunities at ExploreTMU Find and attend events, browse and join organizations, and showcase your involvement! 

DMZ Logo
DMZ Programs

The DMZ is here to change entrepreneurs' lives. The DMZ's Launchpad is a free skills development platform geared at building the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

Students listening to a mentor
Tri-Mentoring Program

The Tri-Mentoring Program’s (TMP) educational priority is to mentor each student using their individual experience to find their sense of belonging on campus. 

Leadership development conference
Leadership Development

Leadership Development uses your experiences on campus and in your community to educate and inform programs focused on your evolution as a leader.

Top 200 Program Logo
Top 200 Program

Are you a Ted Rogers School of Management student with two years of studies left? Are you interested in furthering your professional and personal development while gaining career-ready skills? If you've answered yes to these questions, then the Top 200 Program is for you!

 The Dais Institute
The Dais Institute

The Dais is Canada’s platform for bold policies and better leaders. We are a public policy and leadership think tank at Toronto Metropolitan University, connecting people to the ideas and power we need to build a more inclusive, innovative, prosperous Canada.

Student Success Navigators
Student Success Navigators

With so many campus programs, services, and activities available at TMU, a Student Success Navigator can help students connect to the resources they need. Sofia Lydiatt, the Student Success Navigator for TRSM, can connect you to various programs, services, activities, and people - in-faculty and centrally - that can help you meet your goals. Email to get connected! Sofia will be outside the Fit for Business office (TRS 2-168) every thursday from 1-4 p.m.

Newsletter content collection form

Opportunities and events enhance your undergraduate experience. Every Monday, an email highlighting upcoming opportunities and events is sent to all Ted Rogers students. Want to see your opportunity or event posted? Please complete the  (google form) Student Engagement Content Collection Form (external link, opens in new window)  below with all the details, if you have any questions or concerns, please email (opens in new window) . However, if you're a first-year Ted Rogers School student, you will instead receive the weekly Ted Rogers School Fit for Business (opens in new window)  email every Tuesday. This email provides relevant and timely content based on students’ specific programs including events and opportunities. If you're not receiving these emails please contact the FFB team at (opens in new window) .