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What is Student Engagement? 

To enable you to maximize your university experience beyond the classroom, Student Engagement connects you with the different supports and resources you have access to as a Ted Rogers School student.

 Stay Informed with weekly personalized newsletters

To help you stay informed with relevant information and opportunities, you get personalized weekly newsletters. If you're a first-year Ted Rogers School student, look out for your weekly Fit for Business newsletters that arrive to your TMU inbox on Tuesdays. If you're in second year or above, then look out for two weekly newsletters, on Mondays from Student Engagement and Thursdays from your Career Consultant or Co-op Coordinator (if you're in co-op).

 Become Engaged by participating in TRSM events

Exclusive to our Ted Rogers School students, you have access to a calendar that shows you all the upcoming TRSM events. Explore different TRSM events from Program Advising and Student Success (PASS), Business Career Hub (BCH), Fit For Business (FFB), Ted Rogers Students Society (TRSS), and student groups using the button below.

Worried? You're not alone

As university students, there are a lot of shared worries and doubts. In the interactive dashboard below, you’ll get to meet our students and learn about their worries and how they got engaged outside the classroom to overcome them and maximize their experience. Click the buttons at the top of the dashboard to read stories from our students and their worries and gain fast access to some of the supports that can help you too.

Get ready to hover over the interactive dashboard below, as we take you on this journey. To get the full experience, we recommend to use a desktop computer instead of a mobile phone and click on the full screen mode icon at the bottom right corner of the dashboard.