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Student Engagement

Ted Rogers School of Management Student Experience

Ted Rogers School of Management prides itself on delivering an exceptional student experience. The Ted Rogers School has countless opportunities outside of the classroom to enhance your undergraduate experience. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ted Rogers School of Management has successfully transitioned to an online learning environment and has continued to provide students with a variety of opportunities to stay engaged while studying from home. There are 30+ student groups, global opportunities, experiential learning, professional development and much more! Take pride on being a student at the Ted Rogers School of Management and never forgot that the best is yet to come.

"Through student groups, I've been able to meet new people, establish longlasting friendships and build my professional network all while having fun"

Sidney Cidade

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

An image of Tricia Rivera smiling, she is in the accounting program

"As a post-secondary student, one of the biggest challenges I always have to overcome is learning how to adjust to different scenarios in order to achieve my academic goals- this usually includes succeeding in my courses or enhancing my skills through extra-curricular activities. I am thankful because Toronto Met provides its students the resources that we need in order to be successful in university."

- Tricia Rivera

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

Student Namoos Fatima posing for her highlight sharing her experience at TRSM

"From the Australia fires to being quarantined and having to stay home to the realization of the constant injustices of our world. This year has really shined a lot of light on the imperfections of our world and of human nature. I have to admit, this year has taught me a lot and made me learn things are never as they seem"

- Namoos Fatima

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management 

Yash Shah posing for the humans of trsm campaign, highlighting his top 200 experience

"As a student who is passionate about leadership and networking with industry leaders, being a part of the Top 200 Program appealed to me greatly. The Top 200 Program has given me the opportunity to expand my network with some of the brightest students at TRSM along with various industry professionals.  The exposure that Top 200 has given me has helped me to develop my leadership skills in an applicable manner. These skills have helped me excel as a coop student and succeed in the workspace."

- Yash Shah

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management

Saisurutyi Sridaran posing for her feature on Humans of TRSM, sharing her TRSM experience

"This pandemic has really tested my ability to motivate and focus on my priorities. Despite this feeling of confusion, I constantly looked for opportunities to build connections and improve on myself by attending multiple student group events. The Human Resources Student Association went out of its way this school year, not only adapting to the transition to remote events but starting multiple initiatives to better a student's experience. I was fortunate enough to attend the TRSM career fair hosted by the HRSA and join their mentorship program where I gained insight from different industry professionals while working on my interview and application skills"

- Saisurutyi Sridaran

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management

Celeste Qiu posing for her Humans of TRSM feature, highlighting her trsm experience

"I was able to join the ambassadorship program for both the HRSA as well as TRSS and have been recognized as one of the top 100 most engaged Business Management students. I have had the opportunity to network with many great industry professionals as well as hear about their professional journeys. Being a part of these two student groups has allowed me to meet new people, gain a deeper insight into what TRSM is really about and what Human Resources truly stands for, and the many different career paths that you can take in this field. I have been able to develop and improve on many of my skills such as public speaking, teamwork, personal branding, social media marketing, and much more"

- Celeste Qiu

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management

Josh Viloria posing for his humans of trsm feature where he highlights his trsm experience

"Hi my name is Joshua Viloria and I’m going into my 2nd year of accounting and finance @ Toronto Met. I kept myself busy during quarantine by keeping myself fit by running on the treadmill and I taught myself a few songs on the piano. The most notable thing that happened during quarantine was when I taught my friend how to ride a bike and now I take him with me on long rides to lakeshore. Now I’m currently working as a lifeguard and slowly adjusting to all the new policies and procedures that we have to follow in order to limit the spread of COVID." 

- Josh Viloria 

Humans of the Ted Rogers School of Management