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Research and Community of Practice

Dimensions Program at Ted Rogers School of Management

Join associate professor and Dimensions faculty lead, Eugene Chan, as he discusses the Dimensions program at the Ted Rogers School of Management, including the modules and videos available to faculty looking to incorporate equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility into their research practices.

Dimensions Community of Practice

The EDIA Community of Practice (CoP) is led by the Dimensions Faculty Lead for all faculty and graduate students to discuss how EDIA might fit into SRC work, and discuss with their colleagues on how to incorporate principles of EDIA into research.

 Who do I speak to if I have questions about EDIA in research?

Review the Research Guide or contact us directly at

Guide to Integrating EDIA in Research at the Ted Rogers School

Today, business schools stand as generators and disseminators of knowledge, championing innovation and fostering a new generation of leaders. The Ted Rogers School of Management, being a place known for innovation, is uniquely positioned to address contemporary societal challenges, economic shifts and global dynamics. As such, the incorporation of EDIA principles into research within these institutions is not just timely, but essential.

The EDIA in Research Guide aims to answer most questions about what it means to integrate EDIA in a research program.