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Indigenous Art Installation

Indigenous Art Installation

Through Indigenous art, we aim to tell the story that celebrates the rich history of pioneering Indigenous entrepreneurship in Canada and honour the role of Indigenous entrepreneurs and artists.

Birch Bark Canoes and the History of Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Through the story of birch bark canoes, we hope to honour the role that Indigenous entrepreneurs have played in shaping Canada’s economic history.

The canoe building process

The canoe building process starts on June  24 and finishes on September 5, working four days per week.

Waterdancer's Mi'kmaq Arts (external link, opens in new window) 

Todd Labrador's hand holding tree roots

Harvested and split 700 plus feet of spruce roots

Todd Labrador's hand at work

38 cedar canoe ribs & canoe gunwales

Todd Labrador's Hands

Harvested birch bark & collected hardwood for the wooden pegs

 All images © 2021 Todd Labrador and Melissa Labrador.  @toddlabrador (external link, opens in new window) 


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